McDonald’s Just Released Its First-Ever Vegan Burger—and Here’s Where to Try It

Believe it or not, it's gotten positive reviews so far.


More often than not, McDonald’s isn’t the most obvious choice when dining out as a vegetarian or vegan. But after nearly 80 years of serving up burgers and McNuggets, this worldwide fast-food chain is shaking up its menu with a brand-new vegan product.

Called the “McVegan,” the company’s first-ever vegan burger uses a soy-based patty (with vegan toppings, to boot!) But if you’re a U.S.-based herbivore, you might have to book a plane ticket to get a taste. The burger will only be available at one restaurant in Tampere, Finland, from Oct. 4 through Nov. 21. (Check out these mind-blowing facts about McDonald’s.)

McDonald’s does not plan to sell the burger outside of Finland at the moment, a representative told TODAY. While the chain does offer a few vegetarian burger options for customers in Germany and India, it looks like American vegans will have to stick to making vegan recipes at home for now.

Skeptical of this meatless addition to the menu? We don’t blame you. But so far, the McVegan has received positive reviews from the brave pioneers who have already taste-tested it. You can check out their photos of the sandwich on social media:

We already know why Coke tastes way better at McDonalds, as well as the secret ingredient that makes McDonald’s French fries so addictive. Will the McVegan be the next hot menu item?

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