These Are the Most Powerful Passports in 2023

The Henley Passport Index ranks passports according to how many countries citizens can travel to visa-free—find out where your passport ranks among the world's most powerful passports in 2023.

Your passport is one of the most important documents you have—it’s the one thing that allows you to travel internationally. Even passport colors have a meaning! But most importantly, it can decide which countries you get into visa-free.

Each year, the Henley Passport Index publishes its list of the world’s most powerful passports, and the list for 2023 has just been released. For global travelers, the list provides some insight into which passports grant the most access to countries all around the world.

What is the world’s most powerful passport in 2023?

For the fifth year in a row, the Henley Passport Index concluded that Japan is home to the world’s most powerful passport.

As of today, those with Japanese passports are eligible to visit 193 out of 227 destinations around the world without having a prior visa. That statistic translates to 85% of the world, a number that is backed by data from the International Air Transport Association compiled by Henley & Partners.

Runners-up in the top ten places don’t follow far behind Japan. Singaporean and South Korean passports are only just behind Japanese passports with 192 countries. The United States ranks in seventh place, alongside Belgium, the Czech Republic, New Zealand and Norway with 186 countries.

While some countries that were lower ranked have a long way to go, it’s heartening to see that in the last decade, several countries have moved higher on the list. The United Arab Emirates is a perfect example, having ascended 49 places in the last decade. It’s important to note that different reports may rank passports differently, but travel without a prior visa is one of the most commonly used ranking methods.

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Here are the top 10 most powerful passports in the world

According to The Henley Passport Index, these are the top ten most powerful passports accompanied by the number of countries that allow access without a prior visa:

  1. Japan (193 countries)
  2. Singapore and South Korea (192 countries)
  3. Germany and Spain (190 countries)
  4. Finland, Italy and Luxembourg (189 countries)
  5. Austria, Denmark, Netherlands and Sweden (188 countries)
  6. France, Ireland, Portugal and the United Kingdom (187 countries)
  7. Belgium, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland and the United States (186 countries)
  8. Australia, Canada, Greece and Malta (185 countries)
  9. Hungary and Poland (184 countries)
  10. Lithuania and Slovakia (183 countries)

Note that many of these positions are held by multiple nations that share the same number of countries that permit visa-free access.

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