Oh, yes! The 30th Anniversary of “Thriller”

Michael Jackson’s Thriller album celebrates its 30th anniversary!

2012 has brought us many iconic anniversaries—Reader’s Digest celebrates 90 years, the Oreo is now 100 years old. But perhaps the most inspiring, touching, and jaw-dropping of them all is this: Michael Jackson’s Thriller album celebrates its 30th anniversary today!

Ahh, the memories. Adrienne fondly remembers the first time she saw Michael Jackson on the Thriller album cover during her elementary school days (she nearly passed out). And it’s no secret that Lauren is a mega-fan who spent the better part of her childhood perfecting the moonwalk and other signature moves from the music video.

So to mark this milestone, here are a few Thriller factoids:
Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones went through 700 demos to select the songs for Thriller. (ABC News)
When released on November 30, 1982, the Thriller album debuted at number 11 on the charts. (billboard.com)
Actress Jennifer Beals of Flashdance fame turned down the offer to co-star in the Thriller video, which allowed Playboy Playmate Ola Ray to get the job! (Vanity Fair)

And for your viewing pleasure:

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