You Can Now Take 600 Free College Courses Online Thanks to These 200 Universities

Attending and paying for college can be stressful. But this doesn't have to be the case.


Nearly 40 percent of Americans have college degrees and that number continues to rise. However, college is no longer a strictly brick and mortar institution, and as of the fall of 2014, 5.8 million students in the United States were enrolled in at least one online college course. Earning some credit digitally certainly has its perks (see: it’s socially acceptable to go to class without pants!), but there’s still the pesky issue of paying for it—parents, here’s how you can save for your child’s college education without taking loans.

But now, thanks to Class Central, that last financial burden isn’t as much of an issue. Class Central’s founder, Dhawal Shah, announced a 600-course list of free or nearly free online courses offered by 200 of the world’s best universities and the catalog is pretty impressive.

Included on the list were four ivy league schools, with the following course offerings:

All told, the list offers courses in a total of 13 subjects, ranging from Personal Development to Programming, so there’s plenty of options that can appeal to everyone.

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