90 Percent of Men in America Have This Dangerous Weight Condition

Even if you aren’t obese or overweight, you may fall into this category.

Avoiding obesity is one of three things that could help add an additional seven years to your life, and by-and-large, most American men avoid this body mass index categorization. The average American man has a BMI of 28.6, 1.3 points shy of obese. This number falls in the upper end of the “overweight” range and sits almost four points above the “normal” range.

The average American male isn’t exactly in the best shape according to the BMI numbers, but a new study looks beyond that standard metric and reveals some concerning numbers about men’s health. The vast majority of American men fall into a category called “overfat.”


The study, published in Frontiers of Public Health, found that 90 percent of American males were found to fall into the “overfat” category. People who fall into this category “exhibit metabolic health impairments associated with excess fat mass relative to lean body mass” according to the study’s abstract.

The study used data from the United Nations to analyze participants from 30 developed countries and compared then compared to information gathered during the 2013 Global Burden of Disease study.

The study goes on to state that people that may not technically fall into the category of “obese” or “overweight” may still be overfat because the measurement is based on fat concentration, unlike BMI.

The potential health risks associated with being “overfat” include spikes in blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, chronic inflammation, and irregular amounts of fat in the blood stream.

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