6 Best Pet Cameras for Keeping Tabs on Your Furry Friends

Watch, talk to, and even play with your pet—no matter where you are.

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Do you miss your pets when you’re away all day and wish you could sneak a peek at their sweet faces? Or do you want to see what your little rascals are getting into, literally and figuratively, when you’re not around? You need a pet camera—one that sends a live feed to your phone and maybe even lets you play with your pet remotely. (Yes, you read that right!) These devices are surging in popularity and have become the latest must-have pet accessories, right along with indestructible dog toys, awesome dog beds, and sturdy leashes. In fact, the pet-monitoring camera market is expected to reach more than $250 million worldwide by 2025, according to a report by Grand View Research. It’s easy to see why. Now that we’re starting to spend more time away from home, our pets may not be the only ones experiencing a little separation anxiety.

The newest batch of pet cameras are much more than glorified baby monitors. Some of them have two-way talk functions so that you can communicate remotely with your pet, as well as motion sensors and treat dispensers. They can also help you protect your home, whether or not you’ve invested in a home security camera. To help you sort through the options, we asked pet and tech experts for their top picks. See which one is right for you, depending on your needs and the type of fur babies you have.

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Best overall pet camera: PetCube Bites 2via amazon.com

Best overall pet camera: PetCube Bites 2


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“I’ve myself used several different pet cameras, but PetCube Bites 2 is my favorite,” says pet care expert Meg Marrs, founder of K9 of Mine. “The audio and video quality are really incredible, and that’s pretty essential when you are looking to keep tabs on a pet that you’re worried about. A lot of other cheaper pet cameras I tried had a hard time making a connection to the camera once I was outside the house, but PetCube Bites 2 never had any issues, and setup was really easy, too.”

A few things make PetCube Bites 2 extra awesome, according to Marrs, including the night-vision mode and the wide-angle lens that allows you to see the entire room easily. But what really puts it over the top is its ability to dispense treats. Get this: You can toss treats to your dog via swiping, Angry Birds–style. Or you can set up the PetCube to automatically dispense a handful of treats every 30 minutes or so, which can be really valuable for calming dogs with mild cases of separation anxiety. “It’s an incredible device for any nervous pet owner, and especially for owners of new pets or foster pets,” says Marrs. “I can’t recommend it enough.”

Best pet camera for interactive play: SKYMEE Owl Robotvia amazon.com

Best pet camera for interactive play: SKYMEE Owl Robot


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The Owl Robot is a camera with wheels, and it lets you play with your pet remotely. It comes with an app that allows you to see and talk to your pet, as well as interact with them, using the wheels on the camera to move around the house. “The robot camera has the ability to spin, flip, and wiggle to catch your pet’s attention,” explains tech expert (and dog and bunny parent) Atta Ur. “Additionally, you can dispense treats just with the press of a button on the app to reward your ‘good boy’ or ‘good girl.'” This is the perfect gift for dog lovers who have everything.

Best pet camera for cats: Pawbo Lifevia chewy.com

Best pet camera for cats: Pawbo Life


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Why will your cat love this pet camera? In addition to a treat dispenser, it has a laser, so that you can play with your cat remotely. It also has some great bells and whistles for you, including HD video and two-way talk. “I cannot say enough about Pawbo—it is amazing,” writes one Amazon reviewer. “I did a lot of research before purchasing this product and was nervous about getting it connected to my Wi-Fi, but I got the Pawbo connected with no problems in less than five minutes! My kitties and I love it. They come right up to the camera whenever they hear me log in to it when I am gone and wait for a treat or for me to turn on the laser!”

Best pet camera for dogs: Furbovia amazon.com

Best pet camera for dogs: Furbo


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“When it comes to pet cameras, the Furbo Dog Camera is one of the best,” says Daniel Caughill, cofounder of The Dog Tale. “You can see and talk to your pet through the Furbo app on your phone. You can detect movement and sounds, such as excessive barking, to keep tabs on how your dog is doing at home, and you can even toss them treats to help break up their day.” It also offers night-vision mode, so you’ll never be in the dark, even if your pup is.

Best pet camera for security: Eufy Security Indoor Cameravia amazon.com

Best pet camera for security: Eufy Security Indoor Camera


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Eufy is known for high-quality security cameras, and its indoor cam is no exception. It is a great security camera, with several pet features you’ll love. “I really love the Eufy Cam for keeping tabs on my furry friends,” says tech expert Joshua C. Sorenson of My Tech Buddy. It has the ability to track movement and follow pets as they move, and even has the ability to detect if motion comes from a pet, a person, or something else, using its clever AI. And the zones feature enables you to tell the camera which area of a room to monitor. “My favorite feature is the ability to define ‘zones’ and have the camera automatically play back a recording to your pet,” adds Sorenson. “For example: ‘Get off the carpet!'”

Best budget pet camera: Wyze Cam 2via amazon.com

Best budget pet camera: Wyze Cam 2


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While most pet cameras are well over $100, you can snag the Wyze Cam 2 for around $25. While it isn’t specifically billed as a pet camera, it has features that make it a great choice for pet parents. “The Wyze Cam v2 is a fantastic camera for pet owners looking for a compact, high-quality, and cloud-supported device,” says tech expert Laura Fuentes. “The camera is also designed to act as a security feature for your home, and will alert you if there is an intruder.” This camera also has most of the fancy features that you’ll find on much more expensive security cameras, like 1080p HD video, night vision, and two-way talk. While having a pet camera is great for your peace of mind, you also never know what types of funny things you might catch on one.

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