If You Blink In Every Photo, Don’t Worry—Photoshop’s Got You Covered

Not quite as funny as googly eyes, but a smidge more practical.

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The iPhone’s burst mode can take upwards of 10 photos per second and yet you have zilch. First, you were squinting because of too much light in the room, so you pulled the curtains. The curtains then kicked up a plume of dust, and now you’re blinking uncontrollably. Every photo you view in the gallery just doesn’t cut it, and Aunt Phyllis is getting irritated.

The moment passes without a passable photo, but worry not! Thanks to a new feature in Photoshop Elements, your itchy lids won’t leave you out of options, forcing you to turn to lithography for your next Christmas card. 

The feature in Adobe’s (light) premiere photo-editing software is intuitive and easy to find. The “Open Closed Eyes” function is pretty straightforward: You select the person in the photo catching some inopportune shuteye, then provide several additional pictures of that subject with their eyes open. The software then analyzes the photos and pulls the open eyes that look most similar, pastes them, then blends the switch to make it look natural.

Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, brought to you by Adobe Photoshop Elements. The software can do a lot of good—and quite a bit of trickery. Use this trick to make sure you aren’t fooled by phony photography again.

[Source: Gizmodo]