This Is Why You Shouldn’t Order a Pizza in a Snowstorm

Consensus among Taste of Home staffers says ordering pizza delivery in a blizzard is a mistake. Here's why.

Ready for an unpopular opinion? You shouldn’t order food delivery in a snowstorm. Or a sleet storm. Or a hailstorm. Or a hurricane. Or in any extreme, slick, or otherwise dangerous weather.

We get it: The temptation is real. You certainly don’t want to leave your house—why not just order delivery? You can stay in your PJs while you wait for comfort food to arrive at your doorstep. All of us have done it, and the convenience is often worth the cost. Especially now, with restaurants mostly closed during the pandemic, takeout is a safe option. Here’s how to safely enjoy takeout during coronavirus.

It’s a safety thing, mostly

Here’s the thing, though: If you don’t want to venture out into the weather, or if you don’t feel safe on the roads, why should you ask someone else to take the risk for you? Many delivery drivers (though certainly not all of them) are young drivers, without tons of experience. Or they may drive older cars (meaning: probably not luxe SUVs with four-wheel drive). Even if your delivery driver is experienced with inclement conditions, he’s still sharing a road with other drivers in the slippery, wet, or low-visibility weather. Meaning, he’s basically risking his life (or at least his bumpers) to bring you some pizza. Learn these other things your pizza delivery guy (or girl) won’t tell you.

But quality matters, too

Still not convinced? Here’s the other thing: Your food is going to take forever to get to your house. It’ll almost certainly be cold when it arrives. So cold pizza + stressed-out delivery guy = not worth it.

Rather than order pizza, why not turn on the oven (and make the house extra cozy) to bake a frozen pizza? Our sister site, Taste of Home, did a taste test of major brands to find the most delicious frozen pizza.

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