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People like you are the heart of what we do, and your contributions are a large part of our Reader’s Digest story. This community hub is where you can contribute to RD! Tell us what’s on your mind, test your smarts and get to know us—and one another. Submit your funniest jokes, most adorable pet pics and best personal stories for the chance to be featured here, so we can get to know you too. Think of this community hub as a vibrant virtual hangout, where laughter, storytelling and conversation take center stage. So scroll below and stay awhile! And for more fun sent to your inbox, sign up for Reader’s Digest’s Read Up newsletter



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Reader’s Digest Book Club

Jean Kwok’s The Leftover Woman is a cleverly crafted mystery woven throughout a family drama that piles on the suspense. Centering on two very different women—one an immigrant from China struggling to get by, the other a wealthy publishing exec—it’s a study of motherhood and belonging. As the women deal with hidden histories and tough decisions, their lives are set on a collision course, and the outcome will leave you breathless!

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Your most-loved video

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Your funniest jokes

open laptop with a sleep mask hung on one corner for Joke Of The Week Hitting A Firewall

Hitting a firewall

I go into the office every day, and my boss insists on calling me “The Computer.” Not because of my superb calculation skills, but because I go to sleep when left unattended for 15 minutes. —Jordan Leturgez, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Your cutest pets

Pets Of The Week Willow And Storm Courtesy Peter Badenhuizen

Willow and Storm, three-legged huskies

Willow and Storm are two amazing three-legged Siberian huskies we rescued. They are siblings who were born with the same birth defect, and seven years after their amputations, they have been a source of inspiration—and double-takes, as passersby cannot believe their eyes. Despite being tri-paw, these two marvels ran up and down a spiral stone staircase in a four-story fortress in England over several days, learning to hop through the incredibly tricky bits. They have entertained hundreds of people, helped us make several close friends and even compared stories with a fellow (human) amputee: “You tell me your story, and we’ll tell you ours,” I imagine them proudly saying. —Peter Badenhuizen, Tuscon, Arizona

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What we’re obsessed with

What Were Obsessed With Community Page Bearaby Cotton Weighted Blanked

Bearaby Cotton Weighted Blanket

Is holiday stress getting the better of you? Might I recommend this anxiety-reducing cotton weighted blanket, which actually manages to look chic when draped over the couch or at the end of the bed. The company’s variety of color and weight selections only make it more appealing. —Megan Mowery, Senior Shopping Editor

What we’re reading

What Were Reading Community Page Artificial Condition Martha Wells

Artificial Condition by Martha Wells

The seventh book in Martha Wells’s Murderbot Diaries series came out last month, and it prompted me to catch up with the second book in the standout sci-fi book series, Artificial Condition. If you think you don’t like science fiction, you’ve never met Murderbot, a security droid (aka killing machine) with social anxiety who’d rather chill out and watch TV. You will never meet a more relatable or likable character. —Tracey Neithercott, Books Editor

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

Grammar tip of the week

waving snowman figurine for Grammar Tip Of The Week Seasons Greetings

It’s always the season for good grammar

The phrase “season’s greetings” is a popular, all-inclusive way to wish holiday goodness to people celebrating a range of winter holidays. But before you mail those Christmas wishes to everyone on your list, double-check that you’ve included an apostrophe—it’s a common holiday card grammar mistake to avoid. In “season’s greetings,” the greetings belong to the season. Thus, the possessive apostrophe is correct. —Elizabeth Daleske, Senior Editor

Healthy tip of the week

bowl of watercress greens with a 1st place blue ribbon for Healthy Tip Of The Week Healthiest Vegetable Watercress

What is the healthiest vegetable on earth?

While it probably doesn’t make an appearance on many holiday spreads (or most American meals, for that matter), research has proven watercress to be the healthiest vegetable around. This green can gorgeously grace salads, sandwiches, smoothies and sushi platters—delivering a powerful antioxidant punch for being so dainty. —Kristine Gasbarre, Senior Editor, The Healthy

Coolest thing we learned this week

row of airplane seats. on the middle seat is a "reserved" sign. for Coolest Thing We Learned This Week Hold Your Flight

“Hold” your flight while searching for better deals

If you didn’t know about this airplane-travel rule, courtesy of the U.S. Department of Transportation, it’s about to change the way you travel, not to mention help you save big-time. When you book a flight at least seven days out, airlines either have to let you cancel a ticket for a full refund or give you the chance to put a 24-hour risk-free “hold” on your ticket. That means your price is locked and your seat is held, but you don’t have to pay immediately and you can ditch it if you find something cheaper! —Dawn Yanek, Senior Editor

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Test your smarts

Do you love brain teasers, word games and trivia challenges? You’re in the right place! See how many of these tricky questions you can get right—then challenge a friend or two to see how they stack up!