Reader’s Digest Fiction Favorites

Reader's Digest Fiction Favorites is four riveting reads for the price of one!

What is Reader’s Digest Fiction Favorites?

If you’re the kind of reader who says “I like them all!” when asked about your favorite book genre, congratulations: You’ve found your people. At Reader’s Digest, we get that having a variety of genres such as romances, mysteries and thrillers on a reading list is essential for those who crave riveting stories. That’s why we have Reader’s Digest Fiction Favorites, a book subscription for avid readers looking for variety, convenience and compelling works of fiction they can’t put down.

How Reader’s Digest Fiction Favorites works

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Here’s how we do it: Our expert editors carefully select four fiction books from bestselling authors and talented up-and-comers, edit each one down for a quicker (and family-friendly) read, then bind them all together in one volume that’s shipped right to your door seven times each year. That means you get four novels for the price of one, saving you money and space on your bookshelf.

Where do I order Reader’s Digest Fiction Favorites?

Reader’s Digest Fiction Favorites has brought readers condensed versions of quality fiction books since the 1950s, a legacy that proudly continues today. Simply subscribe to Fiction Favorites to get the best of fiction delivered right to your doorstep.