Reader’s Digest: September 2014

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Novel Nutella Recipes to Try This Weekend
When it comes to the chocolate-hazelnut spread, there’s nutelling how creative a recipe can get! Scoop up 10 crowd-pleasers, including Salted Nutella Cookie Bars, which we found on a few of our favorite food blogs.

How to Look Younger
We got top dermatologists and plastic surgeons to reveal some simple antiaging tricks that could put them out of business. “I can give you an eyelid lift, but I’ve seen patients get similar results with an over-the-counter firming serum and eyelid lift cream,” confessed one. “They do work to reduce lines and puffiness.”

Extraordinary Uses for the Junk in Your Garage
Move plants around the garden with the help of your kids’ sled; repurpose an old golf bag to store and carry tools. Plus, find a dozen clever ways to recycle bottles, cans, and empty cardboard tubes into useful (and free!) organizers.

9 Graphic Novels Every Grown-Up Should Read
One example: Mimi Pond’s funny story Over Easy, which takes on the counterculture scene of 1970s California via a coffee shop and offers an original view of the birth of an artist.

Hedy Lamarr Invented Wi-Fi?
Close: Along with composer George Antheil, the brainy actress devised a technique for transmitting radio signals over rapidly changing frequencies, later allowing for the creation of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can thank her every time you read on your phone.

25 Jokes (That Make You Sound Like a Genius)
If you want to find out how it feels to sound smart, try out some of these clever jokes (with a full explanation of each one).

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