The Real Difference Between Direct and Non-Stop Flights

Booking a flight can be confusing business. Don’t let this little difference trip you up.

Whether you’re a first-time flier or experienced jet-setter, you can probably imagine there are plenty of secrets your airline isn’t telling you. The questions start from the minute you book a flight, too. What’s the deal with soaring airfares? When is the cheapest time to book? And why, oh why, does your legroom keep shrinking?

Aviation annoyances aside, it’s likely you don’t think twice about one major detail: the number of stops the aircraft will make. You may know to avoid connecting flights (which include layovers), but confusing a “direct” for a “non-stop” flight may land you with a big surprise.

If you thought the two words meant the same thing, you’re not alone. But there’s actually an important difference between “direct” and “non-stop” flights. Check out more airplane facts you’ve always wanted to know.

Non-stop flights behave exactly as they sound; you’ll fly straight from one airport to another, with no stops along the way. Direct flights, on the other hand, aren’t quite as convenient. While the flight number doesn’t change, the term “direct” means the plane may make one or more stops along its route.

Why the difference? According to pilot Patrick Smith, a direct flight “is a carryover from the days when flights between major cities routinely made intermediate stops.” That’s not as common anymore, though, thanks to faster, more fuel-efficient jets. Don’t miss even more secrets your pilot won’t tell you.

There you have it! But rest assured, you probably won’t find yourself making any unexpected stops on a future flight. Airlines often don’t expect you to know the difference between the two terms, so it’s likely that they will still list every stop on a flight’s itinerary. Just make sure you’re not making these mistakes on your next flight, either.

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