If You Receive a Phone Call from Your Own Number, Ignore It. It’s a Scam

Jenny, they got your number.

scamDragana Gordic

Scams can come in all shapes and sizes. Maybe it’s a one dollar bill on a fishline. Maybe it’s an unexpected FedEx Package arriving on your doorstep. Maybe it’s a five dollar bill on a fish line. Whatever its manifestation, the intention remains supremely sinister. And one of the more popular scamming mediums is over the phone. (For example, if you pick up the phone and hear this four-word phrase, you might just be getting scammed.)

And a new peculiar method of con calling has been starting to spread, according to CBS. You might just be sitting on your loveseat back at home, relaxing and watching some TV and suddenly you get a phone call, but the number looks familiar. That’s because, so it seems, you’re getting a call from your own phone number.

You might be bewildered because you have no recollection of dialing your own number and you’re also pretty sure that completing a call to yourself just isn’t possible. These are correct thoughts to have, because the scammer has actually modified their caller ID information so that it appears as though you’re receiving a call from yourself, according to the Federal Trade Commission. The same method of caller ID fabrication is used in this phone scam which threatens to throw you in jail.

So far, there have been several hundred cases of this scam taking place in Texas alone. Although the aim of the scam is unclear, it’s always best to err on the side of caution—and be sure to watch out for these 10 other phone scams. Your best bet if this happens to you is to just hit ignore on the call.  Sure, maybe there’s the small chance that it’s a call from your time-traveling self, but hey, that’s their loss. They should’ve just used a pay phone. 

[Source: CBS 7]