Men Are More Likely to Lose Their Jobs to Robots in the Future—Here’s Why

Robots apparently have a gender preference when it comes to taking jobs.

In all likelihood, you can be replaced by a robot at work, unless you’re, say, a dental hygienist or teacher. The robots may be rising in the workplace, but as it turns out, one gender is a bit more in peril than another.

According to a study from Oxford University, 70 percent of all construction jobs are set to disappear in the next several decades. Transportation and trucking jobs are also incredibly at risk due to the proliferation of self-driving automotive technology. These two industries are composed of a 97 percent and a 95 percent male workforce, respectively.


When broken down by headcount, (and also depending on what numbers you’re looking at) using a 70 percent decrease in the trucking/transportation industry as well, that totals out to roughly 8.6 million men’s jobs which are set to be automated.

Industries which require higher specialization, don’t require repeated, identical movements (think assembly line manufacturing), and involve extend interpersonal communication and management tend to remain safe across the board, and these industries tend to be a bit more gender-gap wise. Blue collar jobs are male-dominated and automation-vulnerable.

Next thing you know, robots will be taking all the jobs as sushi deliverers and airport guides, too.

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