This Is the Royal Who Sparks the Most Copycat Fashion—and It’s Not Kate Middleton

The royal family has a new fashion icon on its hands.

01-can-you-guess-which-royal-sparks-the-most-copycat-fashion-8870411co-Tim-Rooke-REX-ShutterstockTim Rooke/REX/ShutterstockWith the world watching their every step, it’s no surprise that the British royal family members have become fashion icons. We still look back with hungry eyes at Princess Diana’s outfit choices (and steal these 9 style tips from Princess Diana that are still relevant today), and our eyes are immediately on Kate Middleton’s stylish dresses the moment we see press photos. Queen Elizabeth catches eyes with her iconic outfits, too. (Learn the touching reason the Queen always wears neon.)

Surprisingly enough, though, none of them are the biggest royal fashion icons of the moment. According to a new eBay report, the royals sparking the most copycat fashion also happen to be the youngest.

At just two years old, Princess Charlotte is already taking the style world by storm. Her outfits inspire more clothes searches than anyone else in the royal family, according to a recent eBay report.

“The royal family are hugely popular with British buyers with Her Majesty regularly attracting the attention of shoppers,” eBay vice president of trading Murray Lambell tells the Daily Mail. “But it’s the youngest generation of royals who really generate the must-have fashion items—and driving a new generation of shopping behavior on eBay.”

For instance, adults flipped for the cute sweater the little princess wore for her second birthday on May 2. When the photos were released that day, eBay got ten times as many searches for “yellow cardigan.” For the rest of the month, the site continued getting three searches for that term every hour. “Her yellow cardigan worn in her birthday picture sparked the biggest percentage increase in searches for an item of clothing worn by any royal,” an eBay spokesman tells Hello! magazine. These 10 photos of Princess Charlotte looking cute as a button prove why the little fashionista inspires so many parents.

02-can-you-guess-which-royal-sparks-the-most-copycat-fashion-EDITORIAL-8772789a-HRH-THE-DUCHESS-OF-CAMBRIDGE--HANDOUT-EPA-REX-ShutterstockHRH THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE/HANDOUT/EPA/REX/Shutterstock

In July, a Liberty print dress Charlotte wore on her family’s royal tour of Germany sparked six times more searches for “Princess Charlotte dress” than usual. On the other hand, there were only 37 searches for the dress Kate Middleton wore that day.

03-can-you-guess-which-royal-sparks-the-most-copycat-fashion-EDITORIAL-8965959ae-Tim-Rooke-REX-ShutterstockTim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

Princess Charlotte isn’t the only young style icon in her family, though. Four-year-old Prince George is setting records of his own. While the princess might lead for search interest, her big brother holds more buying power. In three months, eBay sold almost 1,500 “Prince George”-related items, but only a third as many items inspired by Princess Charlotte.

Not that Kate Middleton is totally handing over the crown of fashionista to her kids; the Duchess of Cambridge still spikes searches for her outfits. For instance, the pink Alexander McQueen dress Kate wore during her sister’s wedding sparked a whopping six eBay searches an hour on Pippa’s big day. (Don’t miss these 12 stunning pictures from Pippa Middleton’s wedding.)

For more royal fashion inspiration, check out these 18 times Kate Middleton and Princess Diana wore basically the same thing.

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Marissa Laliberte
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