This Little-Known Trick Will Save You Money at Starbucks

If you love a good latte, but hate the price—read on!

Iced latte drinkers, listen up. We know the daily Starbucks run can be tough on the wallet, which is why we love a good Starbucks copycat recipe. But if you’re not in the mood to make your own coffee, there are still ways to save.

We’re sharing a trick for your next Starbucks iced latte order. It’s something that we learned from a former barista!

What’s in a latte?

Before we tell you the secret to more affordable lattes, first you should know what ingredients are used to make a latte. A traditional iced latte contains ice, espresso, and milk. That’s it! So, the trick to ordering a cheaper latte is simply to get creative in the way you put in your order.

How to order a cheaper iced latte

Instead of ordering your usual iced latte, ask for an iced espresso; which is a cheaper drink. Then, to transform your espresso into a latte, add extra milk of your choice. (If you’re watching your calories, ask for almond or soy milk.) And there you go—a more affordable latte, in the disguise of an espresso order! Genius right?

Here’s an example of how the actual savings work out. The Grande Iced Caffe Latte will cost you $3.95.

Iced Latte order at StarbucksRachel Wilke/Taste of Home

But a doppio (2 shots) Iced Espresso with extra milk will cost only $2.45. (You can add extra pumps of vanilla syrup for 50 cents.)

Iced Espresso with an extra splash of 2% milk in a grande cup totaling $2.45Rachel Wilke/Taste of Home

This handy Starbucks hack will save you at least a buck or two, and if you’re addicted to lattes like us, that savings adds up!

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