Watch the Seasons Change on One of the Nicest Hidden Streets in America

A photographer passed this same little lane every day. Here's what happened when she decided to see what was at the end of it.

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I always loved looking at this hidden lane as I drove my children to school. Sandwiched between a pizza restaurant and a house, the lane is easily overlooked. If you don’t take the time to glance to the left at the stop sign, you’ll miss it.

As you can see, the tree-lined lane is pretty in every season. I have these four images hanging in our home and at my workplace. Many people have asked me about them. When I reveal where I took the pictures, they are always surprised. Most of them probably never slowed down enough from their busy lives to notice the splendor so close to home.

I suspected there might be a big old house at the end of the lane, but when my husband, Ron, and I went up there one day to give the owners copies of my pictures, we were both pretty surprised.

when-woman-stopped-admire-neighborhood-scenery-WinterCountry Magazine

The house looks like it came right out of colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, and the grounds are breathtaking. You would never know that just a quarter-mile down the lane is a busy road.

Ron and I moved to Gibsonia more than 25 years ago from a townhouse in Pittsburgh, and we love living here. Gibsonia has delightful rolling hills and many, many trees. We picked our house because it has huge old oak trees everywhere.

I adore the natural beauty of the countryside throughout the year, from the heavy snows of winter to the bright new greens of spring, and I hope to always live where the seasons change.

when-woman-stopped-admire-neighborhood-scenery-SpringCountry Magazine

Although Gibsonia has grown over the years, our particular neighborhood is an older one, so it has not changed. It was a wonderful place to raise our children, and the country is just a short drive away.

Now that we are empty nesters, Ron and I take many drives together, especially in the fall. We always head for the country.

My dad lives on a little pond in Butler, Pennsylvania, a small town north of us. We visit often to sit and fish and just enjoy the peace and quiet.

when-woman-stopped-admire-neighborhood-scenery-SummerCountry Magazine

We love to discover the natural scenes and historic sights along rural roads. Western Pennsylvania is a beautiful area with mountains, streams and rivers, and we hope to eventually explore them all.

As I get older, I value the peace and beauty of the countryside even more. This collection of photos of my favorite country lane shows that if you take the time to look around, you will always discover something wonderful, no matter where you are. What an amazing country we live in!

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