Take a Sneak Peek Inside the Largest Starbucks Store in the World

This java joint is a coffee lover’s paradise!

StarbucksVia Starbucks.com Coffee lovers, welcome to the caffeinated wonderland of your dreams. And no, we’re not talking about the best coffee city in America. While that location certainly has its charms, what we have in mind might be a little more exotic. Starbucks just opened its biggest store in the world, and you won’t even have to book a plane ticket to get an exclusive peek inside.

Behold: The Shanghai Reserve Roastery, located on the busy West Nanjing Road in Shanghai, China. This 30,000 sq. ft. “temple” to all things caffeinated will be “the first fully immersive coffee experience in Asia,” according to a press release.

StarbucksVia Starbucks.com With three gorgeous, wood-carved bars, the Roastery touts one of the longest Starbucks coffee bars in the world. (It’s 88 feet long!) And the sights don’t stop there. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of a two-story copper coffee roasting cask, as well as a 3D-printed Teavana tea bar serving nitrogen-infused drinks.

What more could a coffee lover ask for? Well, try the 80-plus delicious baked goods by Italian baker Rocco Princi. If you think piping-hot coffee and a freshly baked treat is a match made in heaven, your mouth will water at the very first Starbucks bakery, too.

StarbucksVia Starbucks.com But the real attraction of this coffee lover’s paradise is the integrated augmented reality (AR) system, which allows customers to explore the entire space via smartphones. By pointing your phone at the copper cask, for example, you can learn how the beans are processed, including a video that shows what happens inside the cask. Still no word on an app that can reveal all of the secrets baristas won’t tell you, though.

[Sources: Starbucks News Room]

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