I Tried the Shark VacMop, and My Floors Have Never Been Cleaner

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The Shark VacMop is the vacuum-mop combo you didn't know you needed to clean your floors.

Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless review

I vacuum my house almost every single day. And once or twice a week, I drag out my steam mop to give the vinyl kitchen and bathrooms floors a much-needed deep cleaning. The combination of vacuuming and wet mopping does a solid job of picking up dog hair, sticky spots, and general dirt and debris—but it’s time consuming and I don’t like dealing with cords. There had to be a better way to get the floors clean quickly. Enter the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless.

What is the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro?

We’re calling the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless the best value vacuum mop. Basically, it’s a cordless multitasking cleaning machine that both vacuums and mops hard surface floors. There’s a reservoir tank for a mopping solution, and a vacuum function to pick up debris on a disposable pad. 

How did I test the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro?

The VacMop Pro is for use on hard surface floors, not carpets. (There are other floor cleaning machines if you’re looking to clean rugs and upholstery.) Since my home only has vinyl floors, I took the VacMop to my mom’s house to try it on her combination of hardwood, linoleum, and cement floors. She had recently hosted her grandchildren and my dog over the long weekend, so I knew there would be ample crumbs and spills to clean.

The VacMop Pro comes partially disassembled in a cardboard box that also holds four disposable cleaning pads, a 12-ounce bottle of multi-surface floor cleaner, instruction booklets, and an electric charger. Yep, you have to charge the VacMop Pro for about three hours before it’s ready to clean.

Assembling the VacMop Pro is so simple, you don’t even need directions. I simply clicked the handle into the base and was done. The VacMop weighs 3.4 pounds, so it’s really lightweight and easy to set up without struggling—I liked that.

I made one big mistake with the VacMop Pro. I didn’t put a disposable pad on before I started vacuuming! The VacMop Pro doesn’t have a debris container (that’s why it’s so lightweight). Instead, debris and dirt are suctioned into a hole inside the disposable pads. Learn from my error, and start cleaning with a disposable mop.

Shark Vacmop cleaning the floorvia target.com

How to use the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro

First, vacuum! After you secure the disposable cleaning pad onto the bottom of the VacMop, simply hold the trigger button on the handle and go to work. I easily sucked up pieces of dog food, small popcorn kernels, and general crumbs. When it’s time to mop, hit the spray button and the VacMop squirts a small stream of cleaning solution on the floor. The scent is pleasant and subtle, and the pad has a enough of a scrubby surface to bring up sticky messes.

What about streaks? I tested the VacMop Pro on cement, vinyl, hardwood, and linoleum floors. I’m happy to report that the included Shark multipurpose floor cleaner didn’t leave any streaks. After running the VacMop in the kitchen, living room, and patio, the disposable pad was pretty gross. Success!

Now that I’ve tested the VacMop Pro in two homes, I’m impressed. It’s the perfect lightweight and hassle-free solution for quick cleanups. I generally run it in the kitchen after I make dinner, and then around the dog dishes. Depending on how dirty the floors are, I find a disposable pad can be used for about a week before it needs to be tossed.

I love how easy it is to go from vacuuming to mopping with one machine, and not having to unplug anything to move between rooms. Tossing the disposable pad in the garbage without having to empty a filthy canister is convenient, too.

The VacMop Pro keeps my floors cleaner and longer between deep cleans. It definitely makes cleaning floors fast.

Where can you buy the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro?

The Shark VM252 VacMop Pro is available on Amazon, at Walmart, and Target. You can also order the Shark VM252 VacMop Pro directly from Shark. You’ll also need to buy disposable cleaning pad refills and multi-surface floor cleaning solution.

Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless Pros

  • Affordable at around $100
  • Powerful suction and mopping! Easily picks up debris and sticky messes
  • No streaks
  • Super lightweight—easy to push around and carry
  • Motion-activated headlights light the way in dark corners
  • Charge lasts about 15 minutes—enough time to spot-clean the whole house

Shark Vacmop via target.com

Shark VM252 VacMop Pro Cordless Cons

  • Requires disposable pads and multipurpose floor cleaner
  • VacMop doesn’t stand up on its own; you have to hang it or lean it on something
  • Charge won’t last long enough for a deep cleaning of larger spaces

What Amazon buyers have to say about the Shark VacMop Pro

The Shark VacMop is an Amazon’s choice product in household vacuum cleaners by Shark. And, it has over 10,000 five star reviews. Here’s what some verified purchasers have to say.

Libby, “Absolutely love this product. Great suction power and pick-up ability! My floors look awesome in half the time versus sweeping and mopping!”

Rachel & Austin Holt, “This thing is LEGIT! My husband bought it for me as a surprise to make my life easier and at first I was skeptical as to whether I needed it. I already had a Norwex mop (which I love), a Roomba (which I love), and of course, a broom for sweeping in between Roomba runs. Uh, WOW! This thing makes cleaning up after meals/kids messes easy and fun! The kids love using it to help out and I find myself calling floor duty just so I can use it.”

Dollface Nikki, “Absolutley love the suction power…picks up all pet hair in a quick swipe! The cleaning solution is powerful and great smelling. I love this product for those in between deep cleans!”

Shark Vm252 Vacmop Pro Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop With Disposable Padvia amzon.com

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