The Shortest Flight in America Is Only 16 Minutes Long

For a flight that short, all of the airport stress might not be worth it.

airplaneDenis Belitsky/ShutterstockThere’s actually a flight so short that you end up spending more time on the taxiway (taking off, landing, and driving on the runway) than you do in the air. United Airlines offers a flight that has a total airtime of 16 minutes. It runs from San Francisco, California to Santa Rosa. (Even if your flight is only 16 minutes, make sure you follow these air travel tips.)

The total route is 62 miles long and in total takes about 45 minutes (that includes the time spent on the ground in the plane as well). If you were to drive from San Francisco to Santa Rosa it would take you about an hour and ten minutes with no traffic, so flying definitely has its perks. (Follow these golden rules to take the stress out of air travel.)

People escape to Santa Rosa for the weekend to explore the Sonoma Valley famous for its vineyards and restaurants. There are also attractions for kids so it’s a great place for the whole family to visit.

Now, if only the flight to Hawaii was that short.

It won’t be very long, but if you want to try to sneak in a nap on your flight follow these tips to sleep well on an airplane.

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