This Is the Single Most Productive Hour of the Work Year

When do you feel at your most productive? According to a new report from Pricenomics, it should be at this very specific hour each year.

You can probably accurately speculate the least productive times of the week: maybe a Friday right before end of business or that dreaded 2 p.m. workday rut. But as far as peak productivity goes, you might have some difficulty getting much more specific than that. (This is the reason why you always hit a wall at 2 p.m.)

But, as reported by Inc, there is a way to pinpoint with impressive accuracy the most productive hour of the entire work year. Priceonomics, a data analysis company, poured over 1.8 million projects and 28 million total tasks from Redbooth, a project management company, to figure out that golden hour. And the single most productive hour(s) of the year is…11 a.m, on a Monday, in October.

“The highest percentage of tasks (20.4 percent) are completed on everyone’s favorite day of the week: Monday,” the report states, “Tuesday (20.2 percent) is just behind—and after that task completion perfectly tapers off as the days progress toward the weekend.”

In short, people’s enthusiasm (and, in turn, their productivity) starts to wane as the week carries on. (Looking to be more productive? Be sure to pick up these 8 daily habits of naturally productive people.) On Monday, you may be bummed that the weekend is over, but you’re well-rested and ready to take on the world.  Now you might wonder, why 11 a.m. and why October?

“The percentage of tasks completed (9.7 percent) peaks at 11 a.m., just before the typical person takes lunch. Between 11 a.m. and 1 p,m, there’s a big dip in productivity….We complete far more tasks in the latter months—September (8.8 percent), October (9.5 percent), and November (9 percent)—than in the earlier months… as we near year’s end, we’re struggling to get everything done.”

Want to boost your productivity outside the peak hours? Steal these tricks to get more done in your first hour of work.

[Source: Inc]

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