This Is How Much Spring Water Is in Poland Spring

Who would have thought?

This-Is-How-Much-Spring-Water-Is-In-Poland-Spring-6218579a-Charles-KrupaAPREXShutterstockCharles Krupa/AP/REX/ShutterstockCertain companies make dubious claims. Mountain Dew actually contains zero percent dew. 

But one might expect these things with the above products. Phones get recalled, soda rarely has natural ingredients, and fruits sometimes sour due to deadly bacteria. This is life. But when it comes to Poland Spring water, one might think that what you read is what you get.

But, as it turns out, Poland Spring is neither from Poland (already known fact, they never claimed to have Polski HO) nor from a spring, according to a new lawsuit.   

The Food and Drug Administration has a strict definition of what constitutes “spring water,” and according to the suit filed last week in Connecticut, not one drop of the billions of gallons of water peddled by Poland Spring fits that definition.

The suit claims that “the famous Poland Spring in Poland Spring, Maine, which defendant’s labels claim is a source of Poland Spring Water, ran dry nearly 50 years ago.”

A spokeswoman for America’s best-selling bottled water brand stated that “Poland Spring is 100 percent spring water. The claims made in the lawsuit are without merit and an obvious attempt to manipulate the legal system for personal gain,” according to the LA Times.

The suit is still in court at the moment.

Next thing you’re gonna say is Fiji Water tried to leave Fiji!

[Source: LA Times]

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