41 Best Subscription Services for Every Aspect of Your Life

With monthly goods delivered to your doorstep (or your devices), what's not to love about subscription services?

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Thanks to convenience, price and personalization, subscription services have risen in popularity over the years, offering direct access and scheduled deliveries for everything from household items and TV shows to printer ink refills, children’s educational toys, plant subscription boxes and off-the-runway clothing rental services.

But what exactly is a subscription service? This recurring business model delivers goods or services to customers who pay a weekly, monthly or yearly fee in exchange. Can’t get enough of new beauty brands? Sign up for one of the many subscription boxes packed with travel- and full-size makeup and skin-care items. Consider yourself a binge-watcher of cinematic masterpieces, murder mysteries or daily dramas? Streaming TV services are your answer. Looking for cooking convenience? Meal subscription services also exist.

And whether you value convenience, discounts or a bit of fun, keep in mind that some subscription services can come with disadvantages. First, watch out for surprise auto-renewal payments, which can affect your budget and bank accounts. Additionally, ensure you’re not suffering from subscription fatigue—how many media and entertainment subscriptions are you paying for, and are they all being used to their full potential? If not, learn to cancel subscriptions on your iPhone. And look out for sustainability issues from certain companies. Tons of packaging can mean loads of waste that might be difficult to recycle. If you’re not happy, consider trimming down the number of services you’re paying for.

Subscription boxes vs. subscription services

While a subscription box is considered a subscription service, not all subscription services are subscription boxes. These boxes, many of which look like the old-school gift-of-the-month clubs, usually include the same number of products every month. They’re often carefully curated and allow you to sample things that will suit your style, fill your home, engage your senses or delight your tastebuds. A subscription service, on the other hand, might involve re-upping household items at the same time each month or giving you unlimited access to movies, television or music.

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Music subscription services

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Music Ecomm Via Amazon.com 001via merchant

Best for: Fans of Alexa

If you keep Echo devices in every room of your home, you probably already know about the best Amazon Prime benefits. So why not also connect Amazon Music, the service that intuitively understands (and plays) your favorite tunes—even the archaic ones no one else knows.

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Apple Music

Og Ckjrh2mu8b2a Image 001via merchant

Best for: Apple devices

“Hey Siri, play me 75 million songs in alphabetical order.” If you own anything Apple, you can listen to your music from anywhere and transfer your Apple Music playlists between your iPad, iPhone and Mac.

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Classical Music Streaming Ecomm Via Idagio.comvia merchant

Best for: Classical music aficionados

If you prefer Beethoven to Beyonce, Idagio is for you. And as an added bonus, you can get unlimited access to classical music concerts and interviews live-streamed from venues around the world.

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Sirius XM

1200x600wa 001via merchant

Best for: Those with eclectic taste

Listen to sports, comedy, news and talk? What about extra-niche channels, like yacht rock radio, reggae deep cuts, Billy Joel tracks or one with Jimmy Buffett–curated music? Sirius XM is made for you.

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Spotify App Ecomm Via Spotify.com 001via merchant

Best for: Early adopters

There are a lot of similarities when considering Amazon Music vs. Spotify. But if you love having access to new music before anyone else, Spotify is for you. With its curated playlists, yearly recaps and various ways to flex your listening history, the music streamer is a favorite of early listeners. You can collaborate on playlists and gain access to their growing platform of more than 4 million podcasts.

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Tidal Streamer Ecomm Via Tidal.com 001via merchant

Best for: Multimedia fans

With Tidal, you won’t have to choose between audio or video—you’ll have the option for both. Tidal also rocks a global vibe, so you might find artists who aren’t readily accessible on other services.

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YouTube Music

Youtube Music App Ecomm Via Music.youtube.com 001via merchant

Best for: Entertainment purists

Hate being interrupted by endless ads? Consider a subscription to YouTube Music. It’s an easy way to organize all your favorite tunes without being interrupted mid-playlist.

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Streaming services


Hbomax Ecomm Via Hbomax.com 001via merchant

Best for: Edgy entertainment

Finally watch The Sopranos or find a fresh favorite, like White Lotus or House of the Dragon (two of the best HBO Max TV shows to watch right now). HBO Max combines the best of HBO with the former Cinemax and now TMC, so you can stream everything from trendy television to classic movies.

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Netflix App Store Ecomm Via Netflix.com 001via merchant

Best for: Endless options

Whether you’re happiest bingeing Norwegian murder mysteries or the best Netflix romances, the streaming service is popular for a reason. Along with standout original series (Ozark, Bridgerton and Stranger Things, for instance), stand-up comedy specials and award-winning original films, there are also tons of international programs and movies to enjoy.

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Hulu App Ecomm Via Hulu.com 001via merchant

Best for: General Hospital fans

If you love watching full TV series, Hulu is a great service. It not only offers live TV, but it also uploads new episodes of TV shows from multiple networks often, so you can binge the best TV shows on Hulu any time. And if you don’t want to miss a single episode of your daily dramas, you can find them here as well.

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Paramount App Ecomm Via Paramountplus.com 001via merchant

Best for: Fans of Taylor Sheridan

While Paramount+ has loads of great programs, it’s the original shows that make it shine so bright. If you haven’t yet watched any of the Yellowstone prequels yet, there’s still time to catch up. Or how about another Taylor Sheridan gem: Tulsa King, starring Sylvester Stallone as an aging mobster relocated to Oklahoma.

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Peacock App Ecomm Via Apple.com 001via merchant

Best for: The budget conscious

Our vote for one of the best free streaming services, Peacock is owned by NBCUniversal and not only has an impressive library of classic and new TV shows, it also offers a free, ad-supported tier of service that does not require a credit card to access.

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Subscription boxes for beauty

Allure Beauty Box

Allure Beauty Box Ecomm Via Allurebeautybox.com 001via merchant

Best for: Aspiring influencers

Every item in Allure’s beauty box is chosen by the magazine’s beauty-obsessed editors. Premium products are available, as is a tiered pricing system.

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Birchbox Ecomm Via Birchbox.comvia merchant

Best for: Control freaks

If you’re not great with surprises, you’ll love the fact that you can semi-personalize the products you receive with Birchbox. Simply take a quiz, and the system will use an algorithm to establish your likes and dislikes.

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Glossy Box Subscription Ecomm Via Glossybox.comvia merchant

Best for: Those delighted by surprise

In addition to their more traditional makeup and skin-care offerings, Glossybox also has a mystery-box option that customers can opt in to.

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Glam Bag Ecomm Via Ipsy.comvia merchant

Best for: Personalized beauty

Take a beauty quiz, and Ipsy‘s monthly glam bag (featuring five deluxe samples) will be tailored to your likes and dislikes. And who knows? You could end up with a new makeup obsession.

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Subscription boxes for women


Therabox Ecomm Via Cratejoy.comvia merchant

Best for: Fans of subscription boxes

If you love the curation aspect of subscription boxes, you’ll have a blast going through Cratejoy‘s seemingly endless options. There are hobby-themed boxes for cocktail makers and barbecue snobs; health-focused goodies for yogis and fitness gurus; arts, crafts, plants and garden boxes and so much more.

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Underclub Subscription Ecomm Via Underclub.comvia merchant

Best for: Lingerie lovers

Luxuriously soft and well-fitted undies and gorgeous bras delivered to your doorstep? Say no more. Underclub sends you size-inclusive (XS to 4XL) under-things every month.

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Rocksbox Subscription Ecomm Via Rocksbox.comvia merchant

Best for: The gem obsessed

Unlike most subscription services, you don’t actually keep the jewelry from Rocksbox. Instead, you rent up to three pieces of designer jewels and gems at a time (with the option of buying your faves).

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Stitch Fix Ecomm Via Stitchfix.comvia merchant

Best for: The stylish set

A Stitchfix subscription is almost like having an at-home stylist. Simply take a quiz, define your style and the company’s in-house stylists will choose pieces that match your mood, fashion choices, size and budget.

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Earthlove Subscription Ecomm Via Earthlove.covia merchant

Best for: Nature lovers

It’s hard to explain the delights of boxes from Earthlove other than to say that they sell out fast and are incredibly thoughtful.

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Scentbird Subscription Ecomm Via Scentbird.comvia merchant

Best for: Fragrance fiends

With Scentbird, you can build your fragrance wardrobe with both designer and niche scents.

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Subscription boxes for men

HP Instant Ink

Instant Ink Subscription Ecomm Via Instantink.comvia merchant

Best for: The WFH star

At-home offices don’t often come with a freshly stocked supply cabinet. So HP Instant Ink is here to make your WFH life easier. The HP Smart App tracks your printer’s ink and toner use and sends replacements only when needed. Depending on your subscription, you can also opt to have fresh paper delivered when you need it.

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Bloomsy Deluxe Ecomm Via Bloomsybox.comvia merchant

Best for: The forgetful spouse

Can’t seem to remember birthdays or anniversaries? Always rushing to a florist or grocery store to pick from leftover stems? BloomsyBox ships sustainable, fresh-cut floral bouquets nationwide from Rainforest Alliance–certified farms on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

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My TheraBox

Monthly Subscription Ecomm Via Mytherabox.comvia merchant

Best for: The one in need of self-care

For the guy who doesn’t take time for himself, a monthly reminder might just be in order. And if he’s not into the full-size skin-care products or joy-boosting activities included in TheraBox, he can always share them with someone special. Or have him check out this full list of subscription boxes for men.

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Subscription boxes for kids


Kid Pik Clothes Subscription Box Ecomm Via Kidpik.comvia merchant

Best for: Junior fashionistas

If your kid loves fashion but you’re not quite sure how to match or accessorize, both parents and children can benefit from a Kidpik subscription. Take a quiz with your child (and keep it updated as their fashion sense changes), and every month your cutie will receive a customized box with clothing and accessories.

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Pottery with a Purpose

Flower Kit Ecomm Via Potterywithapurpose.comvia merchant

Best for: Budding artists

This woman-owned subscription service is a great option if you’re trying to encourage your brood to spend less time staring at their screens and more time being creative. Every Pottery with a Purpose box is responsibly sourced, made in the U.S., sustainably packaged and gives back a portion of its profits to a mental wellness nonprofit or initiative.

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Once Upon a Farm

Fruit And Veggie Blend Ecomm Via Onceuponafarm.comvia merchant

Best for: Healthy little foodies

Once Upon a Farm, actress Jennifer Garner’s farm-to-fridge baby and kid food brand, offers fully customizable subscription boxes, including one with immunity blends, perfect for cold season.

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Subscription boxes for food


Ride Or Die Chocolate Chip Ecomm Via Doughp.comvia merchant

Best for: Dessert diehards

Can’t get enough cookie dough? Neither can the folks at DoughP. Luckily, the Secret Cookie Dough Club ships two tubs of edible and bakeable dough every month.

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Raw Spice Bar

The Spice Subscription Ecomm Via Rawspicebar.com (1)via merchant

Best for: The home chef

Every month, Raw Spice Bar sends you a two-ounce spice blend as well as a seasonally appropriate recipe to test out your new culinary delight.

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The Fruit Company

Harvest Club Americana Subscription Ecomm Via Thefruitcompany.comvia merchant

Best for: Literally everyone

We all make resolutions to eat more fruits and veggies, but with the Fruit Company‘s subscription service, you can take the hassle out of grocery shopping for produce and get fresh fruit delivered right to your door.

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Kencko Smoothie

Kencko Smoothie Subscription Ecomm Via Kenckovia merchant

Best for: The wellness enthusiast

If eating more plants is part of your plan, Kencko‘s smoothie subscription service delivers smoothie mixes (just shake it with 10 to 12 ounces of water or milk, or blend it with frozen berries and plant milk). Also offered with the subscription is a nutrition consultation with an in-house registered dietician.

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Bright Cellars

Wine Subscription Ecomm Via Brightcellars.comvia merchant

Best for: Cork dorks

If you love wines and want to find more that match your taste, check out Bright Cellars, a monthly wine club that can introduce you to some quirky, under-the-radar brands you can brag about on social media.

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Subscription boxes for coffee

Bean Box

Coffe And Chocolate Tasting Box Ecomm Via Beanbox.comvia merchant

Best for: Choco-holics

What’s better than a tasting box full of coffee? One that also happens to include a pairing of artisan chocolate. That’s Bean Box.

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World Of Coffee Delivered Ecomm Via Driftaway.coffeevia merchant

Best for: Sustainability

Buying from Driftaway, one of the most personalized, farmer-focused and eco-friendly coffee subscription services, means your coffee won’t just taste amazing, you can trust it’ll be kind to Mother Earth at the same time.

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Methodical Coffee

Roasters Choice Subscription Ecomm Via Methodicalcoffee.comvia merchant

Best for: Gorgeous packaging

If you love your cup of java to smell great, taste great and also look beautiful, you’ll fall in love with Methodical‘s coffee. Too many beans in your cabinet this month? You can cancel, skip or gift your subscription at any time.

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Trade Coffee

Alma Coffee Tasting Kit Ecomm Via Drinktrade.com 001via merchant

Best for: Variety

With more than 450 ethically sourced coffees to choose from, Trade Coffee spoils you with choice, and it’s unlikely you’ll hit any repeats anytime soon. Also notable: All coffee is from small roasters across the country.

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Subscription boxes for books

Whether you’re an avid reader or you know an avid reader, you understand there’s nothing more satisfying than finding the next page-turner to dive into. But with so many to choose from, where do you start? No matter the genre you (or your loved one) digs most (looking for romance novels, the best books for teens or the best books of all time?), we promise that there’s not only a book fit for you, but on this list of the best book subscription boxes, there’s also a book delivery service made for you.

Subscription boxes for everything else

Brooklyn Candle

Deluxe Candle Of The Month Subscription Ecomm Via Brooklyncandlestudio.comvia merchant

Best for: The candle connoisseur

If you adore lighting a beautifully scented candle in your home, you’ll love Brooklyn Candle‘s Candle of the Month box, which includes a full-sized seasonal candle, a travel candle in the same scent and a matchbox to keep things lit.

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Formulary 55 Soap Discovery Set

Formulary 55s Soap Discovery Set Ecomm Via Formulary55.comvia merchant

Best for: The hostess

Not sure what to bring your host at the next dinner party? These incredible smelling soaps from Formulary 55 are hand-curated by the brand’s founder and formulator, Cordelia Smith, and feature her most favorite, complex scents (chosen for the season, based on current fragrance trends or just because of her mood). Experience a different scent each month of the year, with no repeats.

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History by Mail

History By Mail Ecomm Via Uncommongoods.comvia merchant

Best for: History buffs

One of the coolest and most unusual monthly subscriptions has to be this History by Mail box from Uncommon Goods that features replicas of historical documents—complete with images and descriptions.

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Hunt a Killer

How To Hunt A Killer Ecomm Via Huntakiller..comvia merchant

Best for: Continuous jump scares

While this one seems ideal for Halloween, anyone who loves the super creepy might be interested in this Hunt a Killer horror box, part of an immersive horror game told over the course of six monthly episodes.

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What to consider before signing up for a subscription

Subscription services can be convenient and fun, but they can also be pricey. Before signing up for a subscription box or service, consider the following.

  • Evaluate your needs. If your budget is tight, do you really need fresh cheese every month or can you do without?
  • Break down the cost. Does it only seem like a bargain? If the contents don’t match the descriptions or are smaller than anticipated, this might not be the service for you.
  • What’s the cancellation policy? Are there any penalties if you cancel? Before signing up for anything, make sure you clearly understand how to terminate the subscription.
  • Value word of mouth. While many influencers are paid to tell you that they love something, your friends and family aren’t. Ask around to see if people you know have signed up for the service before shelling out a subscription fee.

How to manage subscriptions

While it’s tempting to add subscription services to your cart when they run the lifestyle gamut, it’s probably not very practical. To keep track of what you’re receiving, set up a separate email address or filter for subscriptions. Try to add delivery dates to your calendar so you have an idea of what will arrive when. And if you notice that you’re unhappy with items you’ve received, give yourself one month to be sure. If you still don’t like the contents, cancel and try another service.

Rachel Weingarten
Rachel Weingarten is an award-winning freelance writer specializing in beauty, fashion, business and tech. She’s also the author of three award-winning books and the co-founder of a national nonprofit organization.