Target’s New $5 Sangria Tastes Just Like Summer

With summer just around the corner, it's time to stock up on all the best beverages. Here's our new favorite.

Target's $5 SangriaCourtesy Target

It’s almost time to lay out by the pool and soak up the sun, and nothing completes that warm-weather fantasy like a good drink. This summer, competitors are showcasing the best of the boozy: Corona Refresca brings us the breezy tropics in a bottle, and Michelob Ultra has us covered when it comes to keto-friendly indulgence.

Target is not about to be outdone. The retail giant just launched a brand new, budget-friendly wine, and it goes without saying—we’re sipping sangria this summer. About to make a trip to the store? Here are 12 things you should always buy at Target.

This is everything you need to know

If you’ve ever made sangria, you know the taste is unparalleled. And if you haven’t, here’s our guide. It’s a perfect storm of tangy lemonade, fruits, and chilled red wine that makes for the most refreshing summer beverage. Target’s version dials up the flavor we’ve already come to love with “notes of fresh berries and zesty citrus,” making this sangria a full-bodied summer sipper.

The best part? Target’s new California Roots sangria is giving us a taste of the high life without breaking the bank. You won’t have to shell out to chill out, as this guilty pleasure will only set you back $5.

When can I buy it?

For the time being, you’ll have to practice some patience. The sangria won’t hit shelves until May 20. Each bottle holds 750 milliliters of the good stuff and contains around 11% alcohol. It will only be sold in red, which is the sweeter variation of its white counterpart. Not all Target locations sell alcohol, so it’s worth it to make a quick call before heading in. If you’ve ever spent too much money at Target, here’s why.

Check out the rest of Target’s budget-friendly wine line, too

The sangria is a new addition to the low-cost wines the retailer already sells. California Roots, in partnership with Target, first released its wine line in September of 2017. Because it’s as affordable as it is delicious, California Roots is a serious bestseller, and last April’s introduction of rosé had competitors following in their footsteps.

Like the sangria, the rosé and other California Roots bottles sell for $5. The lineup includes a good mix of white and red wines, as well. If you’re low on funds but still crave the citrusy sweet taste of summer, make sure to give the Target sangria a try! Also make sure to add these must-have products that are coming to Target to your shopping list for a future Target run.

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