The Story of This Adorable Baby Goat’s Fight For Life Will Just About Make Your Day

Don’t be fooled by her size; this tiny goat is tough.

01-The-Story-of-This-Adorable-Baby-Goats-Fight-For-Life-Will-Make-Your-Day-Courtesy-Tara-Dickinson-Country-ExtraCourtesy Tara Dickinson/Country ExtraTucked away in a small fishing village on the east coast of Florida, on a property located close to the St. Sebastian River, is a small but thriving natural farming venture called Eco Project. There, goats and chickens are raised for their milk and eggs, and the goats’ milk is made into handcrafted soaps.

This is where I met Tater Tot, the amazing baby Nigerian Dwarf goat. My aunt, a former veterinary assistant and a lover of all things related to animals, introduced me to the project. She had been volunteering her time as a caregiver at the farm, feeding the chickens and milking the goats. Check out these adorable pictures of baby goats.

Nigerian Dwarf goats are a very friendly breed, making great pets as well as producing milk daily. One of the Dwarf goats, Bernice, was pregnant with triplets, and everyone involved was excited to have babies on the farm.

As a way to help with fundraising, Eco Project supporters were offered the opportunity to sponsor the newborn babies in exchange for naming rights and a chance to attend their births.

Needless to say, I snapped up the chance. But I wanted to pick a name after the new kid was born.

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Once Bernice went into labor, I received a call to come and watch. But after six hours of waiting, the farm staff sent visitors home as they prepared to spend the long hours of the night by the mother goat’s side.

Unfortunately, things did not go smoothly. After two stillbirths, the team contacted the emergency vet.

02-The-Story-of-This-Adorable-Baby-Goats-Fight-For-Life-Will-Make-Your-Day-Courtesy-Tara-Dickinson-Country-ExtraCourtesy Tara Dickinson/Country ExtraFinally, an exhausted Bernice and her caretakers were blessed with one little munchkin. Tiny in size but with a huge passion for life, she’d survived her turbulent beginnings. I promptly named her Tater Tot.

And what a fighter she was! The challenges kept coming. From a dog attack to fevers and colic, this small girl fought through it all.

She is now affectionately called Taternator, the little powerhouse who just keeps going.

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She did get one small break, though. Often other females in the herd will rough up the new kid, who is seen as competition for resources. We were worried about Tater’s first day out with the others. But to our surprise, the goats accepted her with no aggression.

When you’re holding a fuzzy little one in your arms, the only thing that matters is doing the best you can. With Tater Tot, the reward is great. She loves nothing more than spreading love and joy to everyone she meets.

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