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The Good Word on GoodRx

Save money on prescriptions and find healthcare resources from a trusted source.

There’s no prescription for peace of mind. But you can find it with a click using GoodRx. Since 2011, the healthcare savings and information resource has made healthcare more affordable and convenient by offering users free access to transparent and lower prices for both brand and generic medications, regardless of insurance status.  

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If you’ve picked up a prescription lately, you may have had sticker shock. And you may also have noticed vast differences in pricing from one pharmacy to another. Prescription prices can actually vary upwards of $100 depending on the pharmacy.  

But here’s the sigh of relief: GoodRx finds low prices at no cost to you. With GoodRx, Americans have collectively saved over $60 billion, all while being empowered to take control of their heath and easily find options to suit their budgets and needs.  

GoodRx also offers easy access to consultations with a licensed healthcare provider via GoodRx Care, as well as comprehensive healthcare research and information on GoodRx Health. Think — everything from diabetes management to anxiety relief. It’s no surprise that it’s one of the most downloaded medical apps to emerge over the past decade. 

How It Works 

GoodRx has built a vast network of relationships and integrations with leaders in the healthcare industry, including pharmacies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, PBMs and more. It uses an advanced technology to aggregate more than 200 billion prescription pricing data points every day from these sources. Then it organizes all the data in an easily digestible way, including by zip code and pharmacy, and provides it through the app or website for free.  

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You can search for the lowest price on your prescriptions from a selection of nearby pharmacies (GoodRx is accepted at 70,000 pharmacies nationwide), save a GoodRx code to your mobile device for free, and present that code at the pharmacy to access the low price. On average, users save up to 80% off retail prices on prescription medications with GoodRx, beating the average insurance copay more than 50% of the time for the 100 most purchased medications, based on industry data.

GoodRx also offers a membership program, which can be particularly helpful for individuals purchasing multiple medications a month. GoodRx Gold members benefit from even deeper savings, access to affordable online medical provider visits, and free home delivery on eligible medications. Over 1,000 prescription medications are available for under $10 through GoodRx Gold, with savings of up to 90% off standard list prices 

Savings on Brand Drugs and Medical Devices  

Through its relationships with manufacturers, GoodRx offers deals on brand drugs and even medical devices and inhalers. For example, eligible patients with severe allergies whose commercial insurance covers AUVI-Q can pay as little as $35 through GoodRx, or cash pay patients can purchase AUVI-Q for $289 per carton at the pharmacy counter, which adds up to $300 in savings.

Plus, through GoodRx you can also access deals on medications for women’s health. This includes a partnership with Organon to offer NuvaRing®  for as low as $48 a month for eligible cash-paying patients, making it less expensive than its generic counterpart. In addition, GoodRx offers exclusive discounts on birth control and menopause treatments, including Nextstellis, Imvexxy, and Bijuva, to support women no matter where they are in their health journeys.

Your Virtual Medicine Cabinet 

Nothing beats a well-organized medicine cabinet. And the one GoodRx offers couldn’t be more personal or easy to use. Medicine Cabinet is a new feature in the GoodRx app on iOS that helps you track your medications, get refills and daily pill reminders, find low prices, and earn rewards for staying on top of your treatment plan. You’ll no longer have to juggle multiple tech tools to manage prescriptions; Medicine Cabinet offers one place to manage healthcare needs while helping find the lowest prices on your medications. Using it can help you be more engaged in your healthcare plan and more empowered to make healthy choices. 

Education on What Matters Most 

Healthcare choices are some of the most complicated decisions people face, and GoodRx is here to help. Its information and resources walk you through complicated topics so you can better navigate America’s complex healthcare system. The team at GoodRx Health – doctors, pharmacists, health economists, and public health experts – provides you with authoritative and trustworthy answers to the most pressing health questions, so you can make better health decisions. Even healthcare providers rely on GoodRx Health to help educate their patients on their medications, conditions, and treatment.

Virtual Medical Visits for Less 

GoodRx Care offers quality online consultations with licensed healthcare providers for a low price, all from the comfort of your own home. Many patients are treated in under 30 minutes. By providing users with a quick and easy way to see a licensed medical provider for a range of primary care services, GoodRx has helped users avoid an estimated $243 million in medical costs to date, according to internal data. 

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Want to Get Started?:

  • Go to or download the app on iOS or Android. 
  • To register for an account, sign up using your name, date of birth and email address. 
  • Once signed in, you can compare prescription prices for generic drugs at over 70,000 pharmacies with savings up to 80%. GoodRx can beat the average insurance copay over half the time for the most commonly prescribed medications.

GoodRx will also show you more ways to save, whether it be through a 90-day supply, higher dosage pill, a lower cost alternative, etc., and you can earn rewards points every time you use GoodRx and redeem at the counter for even more savings.  

Seems too good to be true? We promise it’s not! With GoodRx, healthcare becomes a little less complex and a lot more affordable. Learn more at 

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