This U.S. State Has the Worst Tippers in America

They tip below the standard 15 percent!

11-tip-Secrets-Your-Waiter-Won't-Tell-You_505399480-Anastasiya-AleksandrenkoAnastasiya Aleksandrenko/Shutterstock

Showing your appreciation for a well-cooked meal or a nicely done haircut means leaving an appropriate tip. Now, data from the payment processing company Square shows that not all states tip equally. Square measured credit and debit card transactions from more than two million vendors in July 2017 to determine how much people tip in each state. They found that the worst tippers nationwide are Hawaiians who, on average, give 14.8 percent gratuity, according to Business Insider.

The next worst tippers by state live in Washington DC, Massachusetts, and California with average gratuity equalling 14.9, 15, and 15.2 percents, respectively. Those states are all well-known for being more affluent. There are 2,049 DC-area residents worth $30 million or more, according to the New York Times, and both California and Massachusetts are in the top ten wealthiest states in America, per data from the Census Bureau. According to Square’s research, five of the ten states that tip less than 16 percent are in the Northeast.

On the other end of the spectrum, Idaho, Arizona, and West Virginia are some of the top states with the best average gratuity. The highest average tip amount overall is in Idaho at 17.4 percent—2.6 percent more than Hawaii. Next, don’t miss this guide to tipping the right amount every time.

Emily DiNuzzo
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