How Trader Joe’s Can Increase the Value of Your House

Just one more thing to love about your favorite spot for food shopping!

There’s a lot to love about Trader Joe’s, from their delicious but very affordable brands—here’s how they keep their prices so low!—to their fun, tropical atmosphere. But it turns out there’s another great perk to living close to a TJ’s besides just being in close proximity to all of those delicious goodies. It can actually improve the value of your home!

Property database ATTOM Data Solutions set out to assess how grocery stores were impacting the housing market in the United States. They examined average home values, home price appreciation differences from 2014 to 2019, home seller profits, and other statistics for nearly 2,000 zip codes, all of which had a Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Aldi nearby. They produced an infographic showing the results of their findings. And sure enough, the homes located near Trader Joe’s had far greater value than the ones near the other stores.

The average property value for homes close to a Trader Joe’s was $608,305—nearly a hundred thousand dollars more than homes near a Whole Foods, and just 60,000 dollars shy of a full three times more than homes near an Aldi. Not that there aren’t plenty of reasons to love Aldi; there are all sorts of great things you should be buying at Aldi.

And that wasn’t the only area where Trader Joe’s proved a huge benefit for homeowners. Homes in close proximity to Trader Joe’s realized a 51 percent return on investment, compared with Whole Foods’ 41 percent and Aldi’s 34 percent. ATTOM claims that “the average home seller ROI for all zip codes with these grocery stores nationwide is 37 percent,” so that’s a serious boost for Trader Joe’s–adjacent homes. And finally, ATTOM assessed the average equity that the homes near these beloved stores had. The national average was 25 percent. For Aldi, that number was just 20 percent; for Whole Foods, 31 percent; and for Trader Joe’s, 37 percent! Take a look at the full ATTOM report, which also assesses the grocery stores’ impact on home investors.

So if you’re in the market for a new home, there’s even more of a reason to keep an eye out for those red blocky letters than you already thought. And if you already live near a TJ’s, this is some great news! Maybe you can celebrate by snacking on some of these scrumptious Trader Joe’s snacks customers can’t stop buying.

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