I Stopped Trying to Be Happy—and It Made All the Difference

When there's pressure to feel happy all the time, can you really be happy? One woman gave up trying and stumbled on true contentment.

Sara Stillman Berger
Sara Stillman Berger is a journalist and advertising copy writer specializing in lifestyle brands. She has her Masters of Journalism from NYU and a BA in English from the University of Michigan. Sara began her career as an editor at Seventeen Magazine and has also worked at ELLEgirl, Alloy.com, People Magazine and Ogilvy as a copywriter, working mostly on the Dove brand. Having worked both on the editorial and the publishing/marketing sides, Sara offers a unique perspective on branded content. Recently, her writing has been published in the Washington Post, Women's Health Magazine, Oprahmag.com, Parents Magazine, Eating Well, The Detroit Jewish News, Scary Mommy, Shape.com, and many more. She is a mother of two, living in New York.