Here’s Why You Should Always Turn Off Your Bathroom Fan Before You Leave for Vacation

Leaving the fan on for an extended period of time can cause dangerous wear to the motor, experts say.

Trying to take care of a house all while managing your family’s lives, your own life, and an upcoming vacation can be overwhelming.  It can be incredibly difficult to keep up with your cleaning checklist and general home maintenance in the best of times, but especially right before vacation!

But one thing we definitely want you to know is this: turn off your bathroom fan. It may seem trivial, but it’s much more important than you think. This step could save your family and your home.

Your bathroom fan is a fire hazard

It’s pretty simple: we step in the bathroom to take a shower and flip the fan on to help get rid of excess humidity. Then, when we’re done, we’ll usually flip it off and continue with our day. But sometimes, maybe we’ll leave that bathroom fan on a bit longer to really get rid of all the nasty stuff (like moisture that causes household mold). From there, it’s so easy to forget about the bathroom fan completely!

There are consequences for leaving the fan on too long, though. Leaving the exhaust fan running for an extensive period of time can cause significant wear to the motor and may cause a fire. It’s a cause for concern, especially when you’re not home to hear your smoke detectors!

“Put simply, the typical ceiling-mounted bathroom exhaust vent fan is probably not designed or intended for “continuous use,” says one Family Handyman electrical pro.

There are other contributing factors as well, such as lint and dust (which can help ignite the fire) in your exhaust fan. Avoid this by cleaning these things that can cause a fire if not cleaned enough!

How to have a stress-free vacation

Taking care of the little things around your house can help you worry less and relax more. Get rid of the pink slime in your bathroom, make your bed, finish the laundry, and more! Besides turning off your bathroom fan, you should also take a picture of your stove to help put your mind at ease. Just one peek at the photo, and you’ll know you didn’t accidentally leave the gas on! Don’t forget to clean out your fridge, either. Safe travels!

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