This Unicorn Dip Will Get Your Kids Finally Eating Their Veggies

Vegetable-eating children aren't a myth. This conversation-starting recipe will get your kids noshing on veggies in no time.

This-Unicorn-Dip-Will-Get-Your-Kids-to-Finally-Eat-Their-VeggiesCourtesy Totally The Bomb If the idea of getting your kids to eat their vegetables seems even more impossible than a unicorn sighting, it’s time to make the fantasy come to life. Take this unicorn dip that Jamie Harrington created for her blog Totally the Bomb as proof.

The unicorn food trend is in full swing, and for good reason. Not only do the bright pictures make an Insta-worthy photo, but the results taste great. Just a few bottles of food coloring are enough to create these fun rainbow swirls that will have your kids asking for seconds.

Don’t be surprised if your kids end begging for even more carrot sticks and pepper strips, especially if you top your dip off with some colorful sprinkles. Fill your kids in on the name (“Unicorn Poop Veggie Dip”), and they’ll be giggling with every bite. Like the subject of any legend, this unicorn dip will disappear fast, but seeing is believing when picky eaters actually finish their plates.

And who says delicious and gorgeous can’t be healthy? Made with Greek yogurt, this ranch-flavored dip is lower calorie than your typical dressing, but is still packed with flavor—plus an extra punch of protein. Get the recipe for Unicorn Poop Veggie Dip from Totally the Bomb.

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