172 Unique Dog Names for Your New Pup in 2023

You definitely can do better than Spot, Rover, or Fluffy when you're naming your dog. Get creative and unique!

Your dog is your bestie, your trusted sidekick, a beloved member of the family. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or a longtime pet expert, it’s no wonder you want to choose a name that matches your pooch’s heart and soul. Since choosing a name is such a big decision, we’ve rounded up some of the most unique dog names known to capture a pup’s personality. We turned to the American Kennel Club, Rover.com, and PetPlace—the latter two organizations analyzed their databases to publish this year’s top unique dog names—to find the most unusual and fun boy dog names, girl dog names, and funny dog names for all the cutest dog breeds.

Top unique dog names for girls

Cute dog breed Maltese is sitting on a pedestal in the parkDevidDO/Getty Images

Leave Bella, Luna, and Bailey in the past and opt for something more expressive. These unique dog names for girls from Rover.com will perfectly showcase all the personality your little gal has to offer.

1. Ana

2. Bellatrix

3. Blair

4. Brooklyn

5. Cardi

6. Coconut

7. Daisey

8. Dorothy

9. Gina

10. Josey

11. Junie

12. Kasey

13. Linda

14. Meg

15. Mira

16. Moma

17. Moon

18. Nadia

19. Patsy

20. Pennie

21. Pippi

22. Posey

23. Shyla

24. Tessie

25. Zora

Top unique dog names for boys

Beautiful labrador retriever dog in the park, sunny daysanjagrujic/Getty Images

Leave the ever-popular Cooper, Max, and Charlie to another pup, and take a look at some of Rover.com’s lesser-known boy dog names.

26. Arwen

27. Bambam

28. Beckett

29. Bill

30. Breck

31. Brinkley

32. Crash

33. Cricket

34. Deebo

35. Dennis

36. Dodge

37. Edgar

38. Finnigan

39. Gumbo

40. Kujo

41. Luca

42. Marlo

43. Ninja

44. Oslo

45. Pancake

46. Pickle

47. Porkchop

48. Preston

49. Scotch

50. Seymour

51. Skip

52. Socks

53. Stuart

Noteworthy dog names for big dogs

Portrait of two A Bernese Mountain Dog and a Landseer sit side by side in the woods. Outdoor photo dogsAnita Kot/Getty Images

While giant dog breeds may be intimidating, we know they’re just big softies. If you decide to go for a name that captures their grand proportions, it’ll be all the more amusing when all they want to do is cuddle and play with you.

54. Apollo

55. Astro

56. Bigfoot

57. Buggie

58. Caesar

59. Giant

60. Goliath

61. Kong

62. Monster

63. Moose

64. Moxie

65. Tank

66. Thumper

67. Tita

68. Yeti

Unique dog names for small dogs

Chihuahua DogsAngela Emanuelsson/Getty Images

Toy-sized dogs deserve a little love, too! They may be tiny, but they have big personalities that you can easily show off in their names. One of these should do the trick for your pup.

69. Atom

70. Birdy

71. Cashew

72. Diesel

73. Frank

74. George

75. Jellybean

76. Jeb

77. Little

78. Minnie

79. Peanut

80. Pint

81. Ruby

82. Shrimp

83. Sunny

84. Toy

85. Trifle

86. Weazle

Unique hipster dog names

Cheerful Jack Russell Terrier running at cameraalexei_tm/Getty Images

Hipsters may come to mind when you think about unique dog names. Generally speaking, a hipster is an independent thinker and embraces alternative forms of expression. If your dog is just too cool (even for you), you’ll want to give them one of these hipster dog names.

87. Admiral

88. Anastasia

89. Beta

90. Bitsy

91. Bohemian

92. Cabernet

93. Coco

94. Ghost

95. Gidget

96. Gracie

97. Gus

98. Hazel

99. Jersey

100. Jinx

101. Kenzi

102. Milo—which is also one of the trendiest dog names of 2022.

103. Mopsey

104. Octavia

105. Onyx

106. Prince

107. Rafa

108. Sugar

109. Teddy

110. Tiberius

111. Trixie

112. Willa

113. Winter

114. Wyatt

115. Yoshi

116. Zeke

117. Ziggy

118. Zooey

Unique strong dog names

Leonberger Dog Sitting In Forest, Giant BreedKaterina Skokanova/Getty Images

Even if your pup isn’t quite a guard dog, you may want his name to show off what a tough doggo he is. These strong dog names will remind you, especially when you forget because you just can’t get over how cute he is. Hey, who said strong dogs can’t also be adorable?

119. Ajax

120. Beamer

121. Bongo

122. Bullet

123. Cairo

124. Captain

125. Chaos

126. Commander

127. Dallas

128. Dash

129. Dracula

130. Flash

131. Gizmo

132. Laser

133. Rex

134. Ranger

135. Saber

136. Shadow

137. Vader

138. Warlock

Unique dog names from movies and TV

Outdoor shot of a Shih Tzu dog walking on the grass land.© copyright 2011 Sharleen Chao/Getty Images

Take inspiration from your favorite movies and TV characters for unique dog names. Sometimes a character embodies your dog’s personality so much that a name immediately makes sense. We’ve narrowed the list to a few memorable contenders. If none of these character names fit your pup, they may at least jog your memory for other favorite characters that fit better, like one of these Disney dog names.

139. Abu

140. Aladdin

141. Archie Bunker

142. Barney Stinson

143. Bart Simpson

144. Batman

145. Buffy Summers

146. Bugs Bunny

147. Cersei

148. Cogsworth

149. Derek Morgan

150. Dexter Morgan

151. Dumbo

152. Fonzie

153. Frank Costanza

154. Frasier Crane

155. Fred Flinstone

156. Gandalf

157. Gatsby

158. Hobbit

159. Homer Simpson

160. Jafar

161. Joker

162. Loki

163. Mr. Rogers

164. Muppet

165. Nemo

166. Olivia Benson

167. Pinocchio

168. Spock

169. Steve Urkel

170. Thumper

171. Tinker Bell

172. Tony Soprano

A unique name isn’t the only thing your pooch requires—these are the things you need before you bring your new pup home.


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