Walmart and Sam’s Club Are Requiring Shoppers to Wear Face Masks

Walmart and Sam's Club are following in the footsteps of Costco and Starbucks by requiring masks in stores—here's when to suit up.

As we approach our fifth month of quarantine and social distancing, retail and fast-food chains are cracking down on safety regulations. Costco began requiring customers to wear face masks back in April, and Starbucks is requiring masks in its cafes. Now, a couple more retailers are joining the roster, mandating face masks be worn during your weekly shopping run.

Walmart and Sam’s Club will be requiring all shoppers to don face masks before entering stores nationwide. And the new rule will be taking effect very soon.

What’s changing at Walmart and Sam’s Club?

On Monday, July 30, Walmart and Sam’s Club are making the switch to mandatory face masks. Customers with no face covering will not be permitted indoors, and both stores will enlist Health Ambassadors, wearing black polo shirts, to politely encourage everyone to follow the new code. Both stores will also be providing complimentary face masks to shoppers who may have forgotten theirs at home.

According to Walmart and Sam’s Club, the new rule is an attempt at reducing the spread of coronavirus. Both retailers are following the guidance of the CDC, and shoppers who cannot wear face masks can work with the Health Ambassadors at their locations to find a suitable workaround. All Sam’s Club and Walmart stores will also be allowing only one entrance, so crowds can be easily monitored.

As the weather warms up, wearing a mask might be getting a little uncomfortable.

Why the change?

According to the CDC, wearing a mask won’t totally guard you against coronavirus, but it does greatly reduce the risk of coming into contact with it. Maintaining the suggested six-feet-apart rule is a big help, too, and the CDC suggests cloth masks over paper masks, which you can easily make at home with T-shirts, bandanas, or washcloths.

Walmart and Sam’s Club are doing their part to protect employees and shoppers alike. Remember—we’ll get through this together!

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