You Can Live in Walt Disney’s Mansion—But It’ll Cost You

Feeling some Walt Disney magic may cost more per month than you think.

Ultimate Disney fans dream of the opportunity to stay in Magic Kingdom’s iconic Cinderella Castle. Or, maybe they hope to attend some of the most special Disney experiences like dining with an Imagineer. Whatever the Disney dream is, fans can now add another one-of-a-kind Disney aspiration to their list—staying in Walt Disney’s mansion.

The home of the man who inspired millions to dream big is now available to rent. Known as Storybook Mansion, the magnificent California home is where some of the most beloved and iconic Disney films, characters and more were dreamt up. Read on about the mansion’s spectacular features, along with the price tag that may or may not surprise you.

What is the history of Walt Disney’s mansion?

Los Feliz Home Exterior Courtesy Joel Danto Of Theluxlevel Courtesy Joel Danto/TheLuxLevel

According to listing agent Chase Campen and the Compass real-estate listing, the 4-bedroom, 3.5-bath 1932 Los Feliz mansion offers an “unprecedented opportunity to immerse yourself in living history.” As Disney’s animation studio “was gaining ground,” Walt Disney acquired the land for the house. From there, it was built and Disney, his wife and their two daughters lived in the home from 1932 to 1950.

Additionally, the mansion has a home theater that Disney “watched dailies of his productions” in, Compass says. Some of these classics may have included Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, PinocchioFantasiaDumboBambi and Cinderella amongst countless others—all of which were released from 1937 to 1950.

Today, the theater is still intact thanks to “a touch of modern technology.” That means fans can watch Disney classics in the exact same room that Walt Disney did.

What does the Walt Disney mansion look like?

Living Room Los Feliz Home Courtesy Joel Danto Of Theluxlevel Courtesy Joel Danto/TheLuxLevel

Beyond the historical home theater, this mansion has no end to spectacular features. Architect Frank Crowhurst designed the 6,400 square-foot mansion that is home to a magnificent two-story living room, a beautiful pool and plenty of “old warm charm” combined with “modern convenience.”

The living room further maintains vaulted wood-beamed ceilings, wood-paneled walls, a brick fireplace and original leaded windows. From there, residents can witness the stunning backyard and downtown Los Angeles.

The exterior grounds of the home feature “well-landscaped walkways, lush grass lawn, [an] inviting pool, trellis covered outdoor dining area,” and an area that can act as a private park. Plus, an adorable Snow White-themed playhouse originally constructed for Disney’s daughters still resides on the grounds. The home further feels like a fairytale as magnificent ivy lines the outside of the mansion’s walls, too.

How much does the Walt Disney mansion cost?

Pool And Kids Playhouse Los Feliz Home Joel Danto Of Theluxlevel Courtesy Joel Danto/TheLuxLevel

While this mansion is certainly extraordinary, the price is not exactly the most affordable. Potential renters need to be ready to shell out $40,000 per month to stay in the historical home. Nonetheless, there’s no doubt that this mansion emulates the feel of “the happiest place on Earth.”


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