This Is What You Dream About the Most, According to Your Personality

It's almost scary how accurate this is.


What was the last thing you dreamed about? You might want to start keeping track. Believe it or not, your mind’s unconscious wandering could say a lot about your personality.

According to a recent survey by Best Mattress Brand, certain traits can influence the content of your dreams, including who is in them and what they are about. Here are even more surprising things your dreams could reveal about you.

Over 1,000 Americans took the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) personality test to determine their basic characteristics. (Not sure where you fall? You can take the Myers-Briggs test in minutes,  and find out if you have one of its rare personality types.) Afterward, the participants answered questions about their sleep and dream patterns. Then the researchers compared those responses to their Myers-Briggs personality traits.

The final results reveal a fascinating link between our personalities and dreams. For instance, introverts dream of their teeth falling out 14.2 percent more often than extroverts. Extroverts also remember dreams more often than introverts.

Overall, “Introverts were more likely to dream of being unable to influence the world around them and dreamed more often of punching without effect,” the researchers said. “Extroverts, however, dreamed of more active pursuits, such as traveling.” Dreaming aside, these are the hidden strengths of extroverts and the hidden strengths of introverts, too.

Another interesting finding: Individuals with the Feeling trait dream about partners cheating 12.6 percent more than those with the Thinking trait. Feelers were also more likely to talk in their sleep and have nightmares than Thinkers.

Intrigued? Check out the infographic below to determine how your personality type determines your dreams. Then, learn how your personality can be revealed through everything from your handwriting to your favorite ice cream flavor.

This-Is-What-You-Dream-About-the-Most,-According-to-Your-PersonalityCourtesy Best Mattress Brand

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