This Is Why Kohl’s Is Now Accepting Amazon Returns

The online shopping powerhouse has teamed up with the brick-and-mortar store to offer even more convenience for its customers.

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If you’ve ever returned an Amazon package, you’ve probably visited your local USPS center or Amazon Hub Locker. But with a new partnership between Amazon and Kohl’s, there are 1,150 new Amazon return locations throughout the country, which will make returning packages easier than ever.

Why Kohl’s?

In the official press release from Kohl’s Corporate, Kohl’s CEO Michelle Gass stated that the program was an initiative to “drive traffic to our stores and bring more relevance to our customers.” The partnership between the 56-year-old brick and mortar store and the infinitely popular online retailer is representative of Amazon’s desire to move into physical spaces; in recent years the company has also purchased Whole Foods and opened Amazon Books and Amazon “Go” stores across the country. Many consumers wonder if Amazon’s partnership with Kohl’s could lead to an eventual merger of the two companies or a buy-out of Kohl’s due to Amazon’s appetite for physical retail spaces.

How each company benefits

Since the start of this relationship, Kohl’s has seen more traffic to their stores and Amazon has made it much easier for customers to return their products. These mutual benefits make the Amazon experience easier for customers, increasing Amazon loyalty. On Kohl’s side of the deal, the retailer will have more customers visiting their stores. When a customer returns an item, he or she might think “hey, I could get a better version of that product here at Kohl’s!” and leave with a new purchase. According to Business Insider, Kohls has seen 24 percent more foot traffic since the launch of this program in July 2019. This dramatic increase in foot traffic will be crucial to the livelihood of the chain, which has also been downsizing and renting out space to other businesses to cut costs.

Why does this work so well?

It’s a prime time for partnerships. Amazon has introduced the general public to a form of instant gratification; a service where users can order exactly what they want, and have it delivered exactly when they need it. However, returning packages has historically been a problem for Amazon customers. Amazon users generally must print out a return shipping label from the Amazon website, paste and seal up their original item packaging, and go to a mailing center. With this unpackaged return center at Kohl’s, there is only one return step. In 2019 as department stores struggle to maintain relevancy and maintain their customer base, this new program will prove to be a good move for both retailers. Now that you know about this package return perk, know the insider secrets to help you save at your favorite stores, including Kohl’s!

Dani Walpole
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