Here’s Why T.J. Maxx Has a Different Name in Europe

Europeans would definitely be confused if they saw a T.J. Maxx!

Here's Why TJ Maxx Has a Different Name in EuropeCharlie Neibergall/AP/Shutterstock

If you’re a Maxxinista in the United States trying to find your favorite designer discount store abroad in Europe, you might have some trouble. You might come across a T.J Hughes store, but that isn’t the same store—T.J. Maxx is a U.S.-based retailer owned by TJX Companies, and T.J. Hughes is a U.K.-based discount department store owned by Lewis’s Home Retail. You’ll have to keep searching until you find a store called T.K. Maxx—and that’s the European equivalent of your favorite U.S. discount shop. Find out the 12 other brands that are called something different outside of the United States.

The reason why T.J. Maxx has a slightly different name in Europe is actually quite simple. T.J. Maxx was founded in 1977, with two inaugural stores opening in Massachusetts. By the ’90s, the store’s parent company had blossomed all over the United States and Canada and sought to expand T.J. Maxx overseas. The only problem? A U.K. discount retailer promising to sell “premium brands at discounted prices” that had been around since 1912—sound familiar?

So, when TJX Companies brought their store to Europe in 1994, the name “T.J. Maxx” would be far too confusing for European shoppers already familiar with the store T.J. Hughes, and T.K. Maxx was born. Crisis averted! Next, find out the fascinating origins of 14 different company names.

[Source: Business Insider]

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