A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World

Malcolm W. Bingay

Malcolm Bingay was a reporter and editor for the Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press, where he wrote a daily column called "Good Morning." His columns are collected in books, including Of Me I Sing and Detroit is My Hometown. In 1945 President Eisenhower asked congress and the press to go view firsthand proof of the Nazi atrocities in Europe. Bingay was one of seventeen publishers and editors and twelve law makers to witness firsthand evidence left behind at a number of German concentration camps at the end of WW II.
nazis in paris

Journalist Who Witnessed Nazi Horrors Firsthand Said It Could Happen Here

The story of the rise of Nazism in Germany is the story of a people who lost their moral sense in exchange for security. It is the story of the world today. It is the story of America wherever men think more of profits and politics than freedom.