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Beth Shapouri

Beth Shapouri is an award-winning beauty and lifestyle writer, editor and content specialist with an eye for shaping elevated and differentiated voices that work across multiple platforms. The scope of her expertise extends beyond word choices—through work with diverse freelance clients and past positions at Glamour.com and Us Weekly, she has experience crafting both short-term and long-term audience development strategies for global publications and brands. Her work has appeared in Allure.com, Cosmpolitan.com, Elle.com, Harpersbazaar.com, O The Oprah Magazine, Magnolia Journal and Marie Claire.
Cropped shot of woman applying acne cream on her skin for solving acne problem

The Best Skin-Care Routine for Oily Skin, According to Dermatologists

We have the steps and products it takes to create a great skin-care routine for oily skin—straight from dermatologists