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Who’s rolling out a must-try goodie? What should you know before heading to that trendy grocery store? Stay on top of all the big (and small) news about your favorite major restaurants, supermarkets, and franchises.

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Your Favorite Morning Drinks, Ranked from Least to Most Caffeinated

When you need a jolt in the morning, reach for one of these favorite caffeinated drinks.

The Best Bagel Shop in Every State

Whether in your own neighborhood or hitting the road, we've tracked down the 50 best bagel shops, so you can...

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Here’s Why All Sizes of McDonald’s Soft Drinks Are Only $1

There's a business reason behind McDonald's extremely well priced soft drinks.

10 Things Chick-fil-A Employees Won’t Tell You

They have the best chicken sandwich and the kindest employee. Find out more about America's favorite fast-food chain.

How to Freeze Lasagna the Right Way

Learn how to freeze lasagna so it reheats just as good as when it's freshly baked.

Can You Freeze Cookie Dough?

We know you can freeze cookies, but can you freeze cookie dough? The answer is yes!

Why a Dutch Oven Whole Chicken Is the Easiest, Juiciest Roast Chicken Ever

Here's why a Dutch oven whole chicken is the easiest, juiciest roast chicken ever.

13 Things You Never Knew About Organic Farming

Here's the dirt on organic farming.

I Went Gluten-Free for 2 Weeks. Here’s What Happened.

Kissing bread goodbye was difficult, but was it worth it?

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When I Realized I Spent Over $55,000 on Fast Food, I Knew I Had to Change

It was a mega calorie obsession that I couldn’t seem to quit. Then I looked at the calendar and found...

The Best Cooking Spray to Use in Your Kitchen

Nonstick cooking sprays can revolutionize your cooking game with mess-free meals and flavorful food. Here are our favorites, whatever your...

6 Things to Cook in a Nonstick Frying Pan—And 4 Things Not To

Nonstick pans are invaluable for preparing certain dishes—find out when they should shine, and when they should remain on the...

If Pork Could Talk, Here’s What It Would Tell You

Here's what you need to know if you're bringing home the bacon.

16 Different Types of Pans Every Cook Should Know

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing cookware set or are just in the market for one or two new...

Out of 5 Brands of Dill Pickles, This Is the Best One

We may have just found the perfect pickle. Read on to find out which supermarket brand is cream of the...

Is Coconut a Nut?

Can people with nut allergies really eat coconut? Well, that depends—is coconut a nut?

What’s the Difference Between Cajun and Creole Food?

Confused about the difference between Cajun and Creole food? This is a crash course in Louisiana's most famous cuisines.

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Why Five Guys WANTS You to Complain About Its Fries

It's not something you hear often in the service industry, but this company wants you to complain.

How to Know When to Throw Away Nonstick Pans

When was the last time you replaced your skillet? Can't remember? This is when to throw away your nonstick pan.

Can You Freeze Butter?

Is your butter approaching its expiration date? Want to stock up during a sale? Here's everything you need to know...

9 Food Safety Mistakes You’re Making

While food safety isn't always at the forefront of our minds when entering the kitchen, foodborne illness can occur if...

The Best Frozen Waffles, According to a Taste Test

Shopping for frozen waffles? We bet we know your go-to brand, but is it really the best?

The One Ingredient I Double (or Triple) in All of My Baked Goods

Take your cookies (and cakes, and muffins, and quick breads) from good to great with an extra splash of this...

Tamari vs. Soy Sauce: What’s the Difference?

Both are great on your Kung Pao chicken, but one has some added health benefits.