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Who’s rolling out a must-try goodie? What should you know before heading to that trendy grocery store? Stay on top of all the big (and small) news about your favorite major restaurants, supermarkets, and franchises.

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Out of 5 Brands of Dill Pickles, This Is the Best One

We may have just found the perfect pickle. Read on to find out which supermarket brand is cream of the...

Is Coconut a Nut?

Can people with nut allergies really eat coconut? Well, that depends—is coconut a nut?

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Why Five Guys WANTS You to Complain About Its Fries

It's not something you hear often in the service industry, but this company wants you to complain.

How to Know When to Throw Away Nonstick Pans

When was the last time you replaced your skillet? Can't remember? This is when to throw away your nonstick pan.

The Best Frozen Waffles, According to a Taste Test

Shopping for frozen waffles? We bet we know your go-to brand, but is it really the best?

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Tamari vs. Soy Sauce: What’s the Difference?

Both are great on your Kung Pao chicken, but one has some added health benefits.

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This Fast-Food Chain Has the Best Customer Service in America

They also have some of the most delicious food.

Why You Should Be Adding Sugar to Your Spaghetti and Meatballs

If you're an avid pasta lover, here's one tip you can't miss!

Why You Shouldn’t Keep Plastic Wrap in a Drawer

That sticky ball of plastic wrap isn't doing anyone any good. Stop ruining your plastic wrap with this simple trick.

How to Make Paninis Without a Panini Press

When you're craving a panini, turn to your handy cast-iron skillet.

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Why You Shouldn’t Touch the Sushi at All-You-Can-Eat Buffets

Make sure you know what foods to try and what foods to avoid before going to all-you-can-eat buffets.

If You Haven’t Roasted Peppers Before, This Might Make You Start

Homemade salsas are delicious—but homemade salsas with charred peppers are even better. Here's how to roast peppers using three different...