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Throwback Thursday: The Worst (Or Best) ’90s Music

The crown jewels of the 90s: Scrunchies, Spice Girl lollipops, and Tamagotchis, to name a few.

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The Lolcat’s Meow

Next month, the Internet phenomena of adorable cats doing painfully cute things—like fitting themselves into way-too-tiny boxes and creeping up

Overreaction Nation

We combed the headlines and found these funny stories that prove once and for all that nothing is too small...

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Funny Photos: Dogs in Sunglasses

Doggone hilarious: Our readers sent in the funny dog photos, and we provided the celebrity quotes thought bubbles.

Video: Funny Food Competitions

Grab a napkin: Pie-eating contests may make for fun food competition at the county fair, but these contest pros take...

7 Really Dumb Lies

Did people really believe these ridiculous lies? Find out.

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Silly Signs From Around the Country

Have you spotted a funny sign in your travels? Send it to us for use in an upcoming slideshow. PLUS:

21 of the Worst Presents You’ve Ever Gotten

Everyone has gotten a rotten gift. We asked our readers to share with us the one present that had them...

16 Silly Signs From Around the World

Welcome to the fourth installment of our popular series of reader-uploaded silly signs.

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15 Funny Back-to-School Jokes

Jokes about teaching and learning that will make you laugh out loud.

9 Outrageous Things People Claimed to Own

When the wealthy whine, they go all out.