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Brace yourself for Halloween chills, thrills, and all sorts of bewitching fun! We’ve got you covered for the entire spooktacular season, with the best costumes for the whole family, the wildest decorations, the coolest party ideas, the most binge-worthy Halloween movies, and, of course, the scoop on the best candy to pass out. Let the festivities begin!

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15 Scary Halloween Costumes That Will Give You Nightmares

From horrendous horror villains to ghastly ghouls, these scary Halloween costumes are perfect for deliverFrom horrendous horror villains to ghastly...

The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Every State

This year, delight your neighborhood kids and parents alike by handing out the best Halloween candy.



16 Halloween Costumes You Can Get on Amazon for $25 or Less

You don't need to spend a fortune to look fab this Halloween. These costumes are easy on your wallet and...

22 of the Best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

Who says Halloween is just for humans? Your pup will be scary cute in any of these dog Halloween costume...

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17 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas Almost Anyone Can Master

Need some inspiration for the big day? Whether you want to go glam or ghostly, these easy makeup ideas will...

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What Is Halloween and How Is It Celebrated?

Halloween wasn't always about carving pumpkins and collecting candy. Here's the scoop on the ancient origins of this popular (and...

15 of the Best Haunted Houses in America

With the help of haunted house expert Steve Kopelman, we found the scariest spooky houses and attractions around the country.

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17 Genius Ideas for Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Turns out, you can make some amazing and easy Halloween costumes with items you already own!

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15 Halloween Etiquette Rules You Didn’t Know You Had to Follow

The ghouls might be gruesome, but your manners shouldn't be.

10 True Ghost Stories from the Most Haunted Places in the World

If you enjoy a real fright, these locations offer a chance to get close to some of the more grisly...

12 Spooky Ouija Board Stories That Will Give You Chills

Get ready to get freaked out by these true tales.

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17 Creepy Real Events That Actually Happened on Halloween

If you love scaring yourself silly on Halloween and beyond, these spooky stories will do the trick

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25 Halloween Party Games to Get You in the Spooky Spirit

Make your bash scary fun with these Halloween party games that are great for kids and adults alike

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The 35 Scariest Movies of All Time

We sorted through the most ghoulish and jaw-dropping horror films to determine the scariest movies of all time. Sleep tight.

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13 Haunted House Mysteries No One Can Explain

These creepy houses already look like perfect locations for a haunt, but they also hide dark and horrible secrets.

11 Creepiest Things Ever Caught on Security Camera

Paranormal activity and home intruders are just the beginning.

10 Spooky Stories About Evil Spirits Around the World

There's something nearly every religion and culture in the world shares: a belief in the spirit world. Be careful, these...

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10 Things to Stop Believing About the Salem Witch Trials

Do you know what really happened in Salem? Test your knowledge about one of the darkest times in colonial America.

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10 Spooky Ghost Movies That Will Give You Chills

You'll be lucky if these ghost movies don't haunt you long after the credits reel.