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    7 Best Dehumidifiers for a Dry, Comfortable Home

    Not sure if you need a dehumidifier? Here’s how to figure out if you have too much moisture in your home—and which of the best dehumidifiers on the market is right for you.

    What Are Commonsense Gun Laws—and How Can They Save Lives?

    What kind of commonsense gun laws would help stem the tide of gun violence while also respecting the rights of...

    100 Animal Trivia Questions That Will Test Your Smarts

    Test your knowledge of the animal kingdom with these fun, educational, and exciting trivia questions.

    “Flush Out” or “Flesh Out”: Which Is Correct?

    Time to flesh out the difference between these common phrases. Or should we say "flush out"?

    This Is Why Your Skin Turns Green After Wearing Certain Jewelry

    The good news: there are still ways to wear your favorite pieces of jewelry.

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    21 Commonly Misspelled Words and How to Spell Them

    If you've ever second-guessed yourself while trying to spell words like "beautiful," "receive," and "license," you're far from the only...

    20 of the Most Challenging Jigsaw Puzzles You Can Buy

    Experts say that challenging puzzles activate new parts of your brain to help you solve them. Here are some of...

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    Which One Doesn’t Belong? See If You Can Spot the Image That’s Different

    Try to solve these challenging puzzles by finding the image that doesn't belong with the rest. How quickly can your...

    Why Do Dogs Have Tails?

    Fluffy, curly, short, or stumpy, doggy tails are an adorable feature of our furry friends. But if not for human...

    What is Wordle—And How to Win, According to an Expert

    Wordle is the new viral trend at the top of your Twitter feed—here's everything you need to know.

    The 18 Best Face Masks for COVID-19 Protection and Comfort

    A new variant means it's time for a new mask.

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    If You See Bloated Food Packaging, This Is What It Means

    Steer clear of products with bloated packaging at the store. It's a food safety issue—here's why.

    If You See a Red Porch Light, This Is What It Means

    What does a red porch light mean? You often see them in February, but it's not for Valentine's Day.

    If You See a Dog with a Red Collar, This Is What It Means

    Be on the lookout for these color-coded dog accessories.

    Henry Louis Gates Jr.: The Lasting Impact of Alex Haley’s “Roots”

    Alex Haley’s landmark book began in Reader’s Digest, where he worked as a senior editor. Its impact is still being...

    Why Is Cupid the Symbol of Valentine’s Day?

    Cupid is forever linked to Valentine's Day, but how much do you know about this chubby mythical matchmaker?

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    13 Air Travel Rules You Should Know Before Flying During the Pandemic

    Getting ready to fly? Read these important rules before you head to the airport to make sure you're cleared for...

    Why Do We Say “Quit Cold Turkey”?

    Planning to let go of a habit or two cold turkey in the New Year? Learn where that expression comes...

    100 Things Turning 100 in 2022

    It’s a big deal to celebrate such a big number, and we should know, because Reader’s Digest is turning 100...

    This Is the Word of the Year for 2021

    This year's winner is a centuries-old throwback.

    13 Sweet Vintage Letters to Santa—from Almost 100 Years Ago

    Sweet, vintage letters to Santa from Texas farm kids recall a simpler, more generous time.

    8 Things You Need to Know About the Omicron Variant

    With new information about Omicron emerging every day, scientists are understanding more about how the new Covid-19 variant spreads—and what...

    What Are the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa?

    Family. Community. Purpose. There is plenty of meaning and symbolism behind the Pan-African holiday of Kwanzaa.

    Do You Know How Much to Tip? Test Your Tipping Etiquette

    See if you can answer these tricky questions on tipping and find out if you've been giving the right amount...

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    125 Christmas Movie Trivia Questions (with Answers) to Test Your Festive Film IQ

    Think you know your holiday films? Test your knowledge with these Christmas movie trivia questions—they're not as easy as you...

    103 Christmas Riddles for Guaranteed Holiday Cheer

    Test your knowledge of Noel—the fun way—with these Christmas riddles.

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    Here’s How Much to Tip Your Hairdresser

    Have a hair appointment coming up? Find out how much to tip your hairdresser and the assistant stylists—and how much...

    20 Best Books by Native American Authors to Read Right Now

    This diverse array of compelling reads will stick with you long after you've put the books back on your shelf.

    Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Book-Related Words

    Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.

    Word Power Vocabulary Quiz: Hidden Critters

    Match the word to its correct definition to test your Word Power.