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20 Hidden Gems on Amazon You’ll Wish You Owned This Whole Time

All the things you didn't know you needed.

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desktop mug warmervia

A device that keeps your hot drinks hot (no thermos required)


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There’s nothing sadder than a lukewarm cup of coffee, but there’s also nothing more annoying than getting up every ten minutes to microwave it. Here’s a solution: a surface that keeps your mug at the perfect temperature. Every sip of coffee, tea, or cocoa is just as warm and comforting as the first.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.

bar of shampoovia

Shampoo that’s easy to travel with


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Anyone constantly struggling to limit travel beauty products to a quart-sized bag on the plane will want to hear about this product. This J.R. Liggett’s shampoo bar is solid, so it won’t add to your liquid count or spill all over your suitcase.

Skandia Forte 13-Piece Knife Block SetVia

Knives that actually know where they go


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Grabbing the wrong knife is one of those first-world frustrations, but this Skandia set will straighten you out. The block shows you exactly which of the 12 knives you’re reaching for, which is a bonus with rose gold blades pretty enough to show off. Here are the kitchen appliances you need from Home Depot’s Black Friday sale.

reusable sandwich bagvia

A sandwich bag that lasts forever


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Zip-lock bags are convenient, but they’re awfully wasteful when you end up throwing your sandwich and snack bags away every day. Invest in a silicone Stasher bag just once, and you’ll be well equipped for any future lunches. Best of all, they’re dishwasher and microwave safe, making cleanup and food prep a breeze. Check out these little Amazon hacks to save money that everyone needs to know about.

[Upgrade Version] Pet Grooming Glove - Gentle Deshedding Brush Glove - Efficient Pet Hair Remover Mitt - Enhanced Five Finger Design - Perfect for Dog & Cat with Long & Short FurVia

The pet groomer cats and dogs love


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Keeping your pet clean is as easy as petting your furry friend when you’ve got these Delomo brush gloves. Not only will your cat or dog feel pampered, but the soft bristles and flexibility help you reach spots like the face. These are 44 of the weirdest things you can buy on Amazon.

gel cushionvia

A cushion that saves you from back pain


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Anyone who sits in front of a computer all day knows what a (literal) pain it can be for your lower back. This ComfiLife cushion helps take pressure off your tailbone and automatically improves your posture, easing lower back pain aggravated by sitting. Add a few to your cart—you’ll want one for your office, your car, and pretty much everywhere else. Buy with confidence with these 30 Amazon products that have a lifetime warranty.

Cuisinart CEC-10 Egg Central Egg CookerVia

An appliance that makes eggs a realistic breakfast option


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Eggs are one of the best protein options during breakfast, but who has time to cook them in the morning? You will, with the help of a Cuisinart egg cooker. Not only will it boil your eggs how you like them—hard, medium, or soft—but it can make poached eggs and omelets, too, without you hovering over the stove. By the time you’re out of the shower, your eggs will be ready and waiting. Don’t miss these other kitchen products people can’t stop buying.

sunrise alarm clockvia

An alarm clock that makes it easier to get up


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If a blaring alarm makes you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, we don’t blame you. This Mosche alarm clock gradually brightens half an hour before the alarm goes off so you feel like you’re waking up with the sun, no matter what time sunrise really is. Choose wakeup noises like birds or music for a less stressful morning. For some great deals, check out these 15 things you can buy on Amazon for less than $1.

polaroid mini photo printervia

A printer that lets you turn your phone snaps into physical photos

From $134.92

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Uploading your pictures to the computer, then sending them to a print shop is such a hassle. This handy dandy photo printer isn’t much bigger than your phone, and it lets you send your picture via an app for instant prints. Welcome to the 21st-century version of Polaroid. For guaranteed family time, check out the hardest puzzles you can find on Amazon.

Zippo Hand WarmersVia

An accessory that keeps your hands warm for once


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…And by “for once,” we mean about 80 times. Gloves tend to do zilch in freezing cold temperatures, but this reusable hand warmer from Zippo keeps them toasty for 12 hours. It uses lighter fluid to light up embers inside, but it’s totally safe. Make sure you’re aware of this common online shopping scam before entering any personal information.

Practical Comfort Adjustable Drawer Organizer | 9 Drawer Dividers (3 Long + 6 Short), Medium 17.5" - 19.7" deep | Customizable, Elegant Aluminum, for Clutter Free Kitchen, Junk Drawer, Office, ClinicVia

Drawer dividers that help you finally get organized


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We’re all trying to be better organized, but half the time, organizing tools end up doing more harm than help. This drawer adjustable drawer tool lets you design your dividers how you want them, instead of locking yourself into a single design. If you love organizing, Home Depot’s Black Friday sale—which is being extended this year—is a must.

Guajolote Prints Clean Dirty Dishwasher Magnet Sign Indicator - Turquoise and Gray Beach Colors StyleVia

A tool that prevents dirty dish mishaps


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“Honey, are the dishes in the dishwasher clean?” is a sentence that will never again be called out in your house if you buy this nifty magnet. Flip it from “dirty” to “clean” when you run the dishwasher to end any future confusion. Check out these 20 Amazon products with practically perfect reviews.

peel and stick led lightsvia

Wireless peel and stick LED lights

From $9.99

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Whether in the shed, basement, closet, or under the kitchen sink, it can be a party in any part of your house! These lights can be installed anywhere without any tools necessary. The blindingly bright LED lights last up to 100,000 hours. The lights are great for power outages as well as a night light for the kids (or you—we won’t tell.) Make sure to check out the products you should always buy on Amazon.

carpet spot removervia

Instant carpet spot remover


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Especially with being home more often than usual, the carpet probably looks a little more colorful than you would like—if you know what we mean. After you spill coffee (or wine) on the carpet, just spritz some of this stuff and watch the stain disappear before your very eyes. Bonus points for this item because it is completely non-toxic and safe to use around children or pets. Know the signs to look out for that an Amazon seller can’t be trusted.

fab facial radiance padsvia

Facial radiance pads


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Time to get that pre-quarantine glow back! This treatment pad safely and effectively exfoliates, tones, and brightens all types of skin including the most sensitive. This product is completely vegan, gluten-free, non-comedogenic, and oil-free. Here are 70 great Amazon Prime gifts for everyone on your list.

large deck box organizervia

Large deck box organizer


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You can now organize and store all your patio furniture for the winter in style. This box holds up to 150 gallons and is made of a weather-resistant resin while maintaining the wooden aesthetic we all love. It keeps all of its contents dry and in good condition in preparation for next spring. Spot the signs that a shopping site is fake and about to steal your money.

dyson v8 cordless vacuum cleanervia

Cordless stick vacuum cleaner


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Cord-free and hassle-free. The days of tripping over the vacuum cord are long gone. This gadget is light and versatile for easy cleaning and easy storing. Check out the funniest Amazon reviews of all time.

roomba 690via

iRobot Roomba


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If you’d rather not do the manual labor of vacuuming, invest in a Roomba that will do all the cleaning for you. This virtual housecleaner picks up everything from tiny debris to large substances. The built-in sensors allow it to concentrate on the dirtier areas of your home making sure to vacuum up all the unwanted particles. It is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Don’t miss what you can get for free on Amazon.

5 minute mold testvia

Five-minute mold test


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Hey, it’s maybe not the most glamorous of products, but no one wants mold in their house. This test allows you to detect mold and allergens in minutes that are often missed by air-sampling. Get the facts before spending large sums of money on outdated air-sampling kits.


Outdoor movie projector


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Get the movie experience right in your own backyard. Set up some blankets and maybe start the fire for a memorable movie night at home. The picture will be vivid and you can connect to multimedia devices such as Chromecast, Fire Stick TV, a DVD player, or a laptop. Next, check out these Amazon products that you will definitely use every day.

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