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30 Brilliant Buys on Amazon with Practically Perfect Reviews

When it comes to shopping on Amazon, user reviews often make or break the decision to buy something or not. These products have such incredible reviews that you won't be able to resist adding them to your cart—or at least to your wish list.

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To buy or not to buy?

Amazon—and online retailers in general—are notorious for being hotbeds of impulse buying. You’re just a couple clicks away from a cart full of quirky, weird items that you’ll, more likely than not, regret buying in time. (Take these weirdest things you can buy on Amazon, for instance.) But when items are bolstered by good review after good review, you can be sure that the danger of regretting your purchase is virtually nonexistent. The people have spoken: Here are 30 Amazon products whose strong reviews make them reliable choices. Stock up on some of these during the upcoming Amazon Prime Day, this October 13 and 14. Here’s what else you need to know about Prime Day this year.

Note: Prices listed were accurate as of press time; pricing fluctuations may occur.


A k-cup carousel to help you see your stash


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The Keurig coffee system has revolutionized how many people grab their morning cup of joe, trimming the process of brewing down to take mere seconds. With so many different flavors and varieties of coffee, tea, and cocoa available, this highly regarded storage unit displays 35 single-serve pods and features a Lazy Susan base that rotates 360 degrees. It reduces packaging bulk too, according to a reviewer, who says “it also fits under my cupboard with heaps of room to spare.” It’s destined to become one of those Amazon products you’ll use every day.

applicator for baby ointmentvia

An amazing applicator for baby ointment


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Spreading a thick layer of cream or ointment onto your baby’s bottom results in sticky fingers—until the advent of this bum brush, that is. Made of pure soft flexible silicone that’s safe and gentle on even sensitive skin, it’s earned an impressive 4.9 out of five stars from close to 5,000 reviewers who love it because it’s easy to hold, easy to clean, and durable. Check out these Amazon products with a lifetime warranty.


Handcrafted bath bombs for a luxe tub


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Taking a bath can be as simple as soap and water, but those who like to luxuriate appreciate the additional benefits of bath bombs. This well-reviewed set of 12 moisturizes normal and dry skin thanks to star ingredient shea butter. Over 4,700 Amazon reviews love them for their long-lasting scents that smell equally as good in the bathtub as they do in the box. We also love these Amazon Prime gifts for everyone on your list.


Affordable earbuds


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While headphones can set you back a pretty penny, this budget pair has 1,261 ratings, with a full 93 percent of them at five stars—and are a good chunk of change less costly than a typical set. Featuring a super-comfortable sung fit to keep them where they’re supposed to be and a mess-free wireless design, this pair is worth having on hand for earbud emergencies—or when you simply need to tune out. Here are some more Amazon tech gifts you’ll want to keep for yourself.


A pretty brilliant backpack


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A backpack is one of the most important items for students, commuters, or those who like to tote a ton of stuff around without a ton of pain from carrying. This model is updated with essential extras including a headphone jack so you can listen to music hands-free as well as a built-in USB port that allows you to charge any electronics on the go, plus a slew of smart storage pockets. Reviewers love the ample space, particularly the hidden zip pouches, perfect for carrying valuables.


A letterboard for social media messages


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If you’ve logged onto Instagram anytime in the past few years, odds are you’ve seen a few (or hundreds of) accounts using felt letterboards to caption real-life images and capture the mood of a given situation. Step into the present with this beloved iteration, which almost 2,000 Amazon reviewers swear is of the highest quality while being easy to use, too.


Doggie bags that fend off the stink


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If you have a pup, odds are you’ve taken him or her for a walk and had to pick up poop. It stinks—literally and figuratively, right? Avoid the stench in the future with these eco-friendly, lavender-spiked poop bags instead. Reviewers love them for big dogs, noting that “they are well made, thick material” and have “never had one rip” during use. Here are some more pet products with nearly perfect reviews on Amazon.


A super-fun swing set for the kiddos


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Setting up a play space for your little ones isn’t always the easiest task, but this easy-to-use swing makes it a breeze. It has a curved design for added safety and comfort and a center hole that allows for water drainage from rain. Reviewers love it for taking less than 15 minutes to hang and its durability, with several kids being able to pile on it at once.

yoga mat cleanservia

A grime-busting yoga mat cleanser


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Your yoga mat is probably dirtier than you may realize—in fact, it’s one of the things you’re probably sharing that germ experts wouldn’t. So it’s probably time for a good scrubbing. Reach for this cleanser, which has earned top marks for its relaxing lavender scent and included microfiber cloth that makes cleaning up a cinch. The formula is all-natural and biodegradable, perfect for the eco-minded yoga warrior.

road trip bagsvia

Packing cubes for on-the-road organization


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While traveling can often mean relaxing, it’s important to make sure you’ve brought all the creature comforts of home as well as any specific items you may need for your destination. Stay pulled together with the help of these beloved packing cubes—which come with four per set plus a laundry bag as a bonus—and you’ll never forget anything again. Stock up on these great road trip games to play, too.

stretch strapvia

A stretching aid that increases flexibility


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Those seeking out flexibility have found solace in the Stretch Out Strap. Made from sturdy woven nylon, the strap is six feet long and designed with ten separate loops to tailor each move to each muscle group. Of more than 2,000 reviews, 84 percent give this at-home workout tool five stars for its pain-relieving and flexibility-increasing powers. One user swears by daily use for his back after several years of unsuccessful physical therapy; many also love how easy it is to use, saying they use it often in front of the TV.

essential oil diffuservia

An essential oil diffuser to set the mood—any mood


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Essential oil diffusers are great to use in the office and at home, and this URPOWER aromatherapy diffuser has all the bells and whistles you could want for an incredibly affordable price. With seven different LED settings and auto-wireless shutoff, this BPA-free device can help you sleep, focus, unwind, and even relieve allergy symptoms. Use these 21 money-saving hacks when shopping on Amazon.


A comforter that works for every season and every body temperature


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Yes, you read that right—the top-rated Harkawon comforter that’s garnered an average rating of 4.9 stars costs less than $40 and is hypoallergenic to boot. Easily tossed in the washing machine, this comforter is lightweight and breathable, and buyers swear by it year-round—meaning no more ultra-hot or crazy-freezing future nights.

storage via

Lucite storage that’s as pretty as what you’d stow inside


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This Ikee Design jewelry and cosmetics storage box set is designed to house makeup, skincare, and other cosmetics along with jewelry, but it can also be used for anything you want, from practical office supplies to pretty crystals. The removable black mesh padding keeps jewelry (and anything else you stow) protected and in place. Take advantage of these 17 Amazon Prime benefits you never knew about.


A perfectly constructed trash can


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Consider this the Rolls Royce of trash cans—for real. Not only does the Simplehuman 30-liter garbage can stow seamlessly inside most under-the-sink storage cabinets, but comes with a 60-pack of trash bags to get you started. The extra-strong and durable Code K custom fit liners fit this can perfectly for a cleaner experience every time—and who doesn’t want fewer germs in their life?

active wow teeth whitenervia

This dark secret to brilliantly white teeth


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With more than 17,000 glistening reviews, the all-natural Active Wow teeth-whitening charcoal powder works wonders at making teeth whiter despite its super-dark hue. Unlike traditional in-office and at-home whitening treatments, it claims to be safe for even the most sensitive of teeth, and it even boosts gum health.


A quick way to make brunch for a crowd


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Need to cook a lot in a short amount of time? Enter the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker, which can cook hard, medium, or soft boiled six eggs at a time, plus can poach, scramble, or make customized omelets. The whole cooker—aside from the electric parts—is dishwasher safe and comes in five different colors. It’s essentially the perfect, stylish addition for anyone’s kitchen.


A self-massager that beats any hour-long appointment


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Forget paying for pricey massages and expensive therapy that may or may not work—instead, employ the aid of the incredibly affordable Thera Cane massager. Its unique design allows users to really hone in on tight spots and knots, and if you’re not sure how to self-massage, no need to fret: The purchase includes an easy-to-follow, illustrated instructional booklet. Here are the best “As Seen on TV” products on Amazon.


Soothe sore muscles and prevent leg swelling


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Whether you’re a runner who logs weekly miles or not, these Physix Gear Sport compression socks will help alleviate calf pain, muscle soreness, and leg swelling. This pair, which is double-stitched for fit and made with a moisture-wicking fabric, has earned legions of fans who are on their feet all day—notably nurses.

slow cookervia

Make slow-cooked meals in a flash


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Although a recent viral sensation, the Instant Pot’s serious efficiency has been beloved by home cooks and Amazon users for years. Food that normally takes hours cooks up in a flash, including stews, rice, sautées, and even yogurt thanks to its 14 programs. And despite the fact that it can be used as a pressure cooker, the Instant Pot is totally safe—you can turn it on and toss in your dish without thinking twice about it.


Never deal with a clogged drain again


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The TubShroom is dubbed “revolutionary” for good reason: With more than 13,000 beaming Amazon reviews, this bathtub accessory is a true game changer. Just as the package promises, reviewers agree: The TubShroom catches every last hair from getting caught in the drain, saving you a trip to the supermarket for drain cleaner and perhaps an even more expensive visit from the plumber. Check out the best-reviewed cleaning products on Amazon.

shoulder padvia

Soothe tight shoulders and an achy neck


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Forget electronic blankets and heating pads that need to be plugged in—Amazon reviewers prefer Nature Creation’s ergonomically designed neck and shoulder wrap heating pad instead. Simply toss in the microwave for a few minutes, and you’ve got hours of relief from sitting at your desk too long, spending too much time hunched over the stove, or running around after the kids.


A virtually bullet-proof, spill-proof coffee mug


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The Ninja coffeemaker, which first earned fame on NBC’s Shark Tank, offers a stainless steel travel mug that’s second to none. It features a double-walled, vacuum-insulated design that keeps hot coffee hot and iced coffee cold, plus fits snuggly into most cars’ cup holders and has a fully closable lid to ensure you’ll never have a spill. Best of all, you can toss it all in the dishwasher after every use. We love the Ninja air fryer, too. Grab it at a whopping $50 discount from the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale!

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instax cameravia

A throwback instant camera with all the bells and whistles


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Miss having the ability to use a Polaroid camera now that smartphones have taken over photography? Now you can enjoy the throwback use with the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 camera. It comes in bright colors, plus it has modern touches such as colored filters and selfie-specific lenses.

zoodles makervia

The healthiest “pasta” maker that ever existed

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You don’t have to subscribe to the Paleo or keto diets to get in on the zoodles trend—and you don’t have to spend a fortune either. A mere $24 gets you not only the highly-rated Brieftons five-blade spiralizer, but also not one but four e-books full of recipes to inspire your taste buds!

speaker portablevia

A surround-sound speaker that fits in your hand


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While Bluetooth speakers may feel a dime a dozen, this one has earned legions of five-star reviews for its function-over-fashion point of view. As the brand says, Aiwa “chose to invest in quality components over the latest celebrity endorsement.” With stereo surround sound that mimics a home theater’s sound system from a tiny box, the Aiwa Exos-9 portable Bluetooth speaker is not to be missed, even though it’s quite a splurge.

coffee makervia

A coffee maker that’ll make you feel like you’re in Paris


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French press coffee was something you once could experience only with the luxury of being in Europe or at a fine restaurant. Now there are many affordable versions, but this under-$30 Secura stainless steel French press ranks tops. Specifically, the three-layered, stainless steel filter structure traps the smallest coffee grounds to produce full-bodied flavor that tastes like it comes straight out of a Parisian cafe. Check out these 100 amazing products you didn’t know were made in the USA.


A desk lamp that literally never requires a bulb change


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For less than $10, you can get what reviewers dub “the best desk lamp ever” instead of shelling out several hundred for a trendy design at a decor shop. This Sunbeam desk lamp with a flexible neck uses only 4.6 watts of energy—incredible for the planet—and has eight LED bulbs that never need replacing.


The perfect pajamas

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From $20

If you suffer from dreaded night sweats, ease the temperature fluctuations with this pair of TexereSilk women’s bamboo viscose pajamas. The bamboo fibers are designed to wick sweat while keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Plus, the bamboo used is sustainable and biodegradable, and has a very low water footprint to boot.


The affordable suitcase that’ll make you feel like a million bucks


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Hard luggage is having a moment for a good reason: It protects your belongings far better than traditional softer styles tend to. The scratch-resistant coating on the AmazonBasics hardside spinner luggage is incredibly durable, according to reviewers, and the fully lined, divided interior with three zippered pockets is perfect for stowing smaller items. It’s also expandable by almost 20 percent.

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