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12 Animals Who Love the Beach More Than You

The beach isn't just for humans—animals of all species love relaxing in the sun and surf!

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Little piglet in a water at beach on Exuma BahamasBlueOrange Studio/Shutterstock


This pig in the Bahamas clearly loves soaking up some sun and relaxing in the waves! 

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cat sleeping on the sand beach in the shade of deck chairPapik/Shutterstock


Sunlight, warm sand—the beach is the perfect place for sleepy cats to take a nap, like this one! Don’t miss these cat photos that will melt your heart

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White Camargue Horses galloping along the beach in Parc Regional de Camargue - Provence, FranceVadim Petrakov/Shutterstock


The beach is the home of choice for many wild horses, and it looks like they love cooling off on a hot day just as much as humans do. 

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A young grey seal pup that's a total show-off, one with something of an outgoing personality, and who just seems to play to the camera. Iceland Ameland, Dutch.emka74/Shutterstock


Seals spend a lot of time on the beach, but this one knows that every now and then you just have to stop for a minute and soak it up. Find out the “facts” about animals you have all wrong

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Happy Elephant on the beachArtorn Thongtukit/Shutterstock


This elephant is taking in the last rays before the sun sets. 

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Monkey on Poda beach in Krabi ThailandNetfalls Remy Musser/Shutterstock


Picnic on the beach? For this monkey, having a little snack is the best way to start a day in the sun and sand!

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King Penguins at Volunteer Point on the Falkland IslandsNeale Cousland/Shutterstock


Who doesn’t love a romantic walk on the beach?

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Small dog, beagle puppy playing with frisbee on beachPeter Kirillov/Shutterstock


It seems like dogs would be happy anywhere, but how could this beagle contain his excitement at the perfect place to play frisbee? Check out these 30 funny dog photos you need to see

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green sea turtle (Chelonia mydas)blu fish design/Shutterstock


Though they run immediately into the sea when they hatch as babies, every now and then turtles come back to the beach.

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Snowy Owl at the BeachCollins93/Shutterstock


The beach might be the last place you’d expect to find a snowy owl, but they can’t spend all their time brooding in dark forests!

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A sea otter mother grooms her newborn pup in Monterey Bay, California. Chase Dekker/Shutterstock


Kids love the beach, and young otters are no exception! Check out these cute pictures of baby animals that will make your day. 

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Camel on the beachT0RI/Shutterstock


After a long day’s work, this camel knows it’s nice to take a load off and take in the sunshine for a bit. Next, here are the 10 weird animals you won’t believe are real.