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The 25 Best As-Seen-on-TV Products

Leery of advertising claims that sound too good to be true? We've rounded up the highest-rated as-seen-on-TV products that loyal customers swear by—you definitely won't want to miss out on these winners.

Our editors and experts handpick every product we feature. We may earn a commission from your purchases.

As Seen On Tv Productsvia (3)

Buyer beware or buyer be-wowed?

That commercial for [insert name of seemingly amazing product you never knew you needed, but now cannot fathom living without, here] is on again, and this time you’re really tempted to order it. But will it actually solve your problem, or will you just be throwing your money down the drain?

This as-seen-on-TV dilemma is all too familiar—nobody wants to get duped out of their hard-earned cash for as-seen-on-TV cooking products and infomercial products that don’t live up to the hype. But those convincing advertisements sure know how to lure you in, especially if you’re already a fan of the most successful Shark Tank products and Shark Tank products worth the money. Follow this guide to help prevent egg on your face after your next purchase—though there’s probably an as-seen-on-TV product to clean that right up!

Swivel Power Stripvia

Swivel Power

With each family member needing to power up multiple electronic devices these days, electrical outlets can easily turn into a turf war. Free them up with Swivel Power by Bell +Howell, one of a shortlist of infomercial products that’ll actually improve your home. This rapid charging station with surge protection offers six, three-pronged outlets and three USB ports which means you can charge nine devices simultaneously. It also rotates 180 degrees on its base, which makes it easier to access in certain outlets (an ideal feature when traveling, as hotel outlets are rarely where you want them to be).

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Shoe Slotzvia

Shoe Slotz

Is your closet overflowing with shoes that are strewn all over? Clear the clutter by doubling your closet storage space. Shoe Slotz is a space-saving storage unit that organizes and protects men’s, women’s, and children’s shoes by neatly stacking them on top of each other in no-assembly-required plastic storage units. From stilettos to golf shoes, you’ll never spend time searching for your shoe’s mate again.

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Orgreenic Frying Panvia

Orgreenic Frying Pan

Skip the oil, butter, and grease and say hello to healthier cooking that won’t stick to your pan. The Orgreenic Frying Pan has an aluminum alloy core to ensure even heat distribution, is PTFE and PFOA free, and its ceramic interior is ideal for broiler, baking (yes, oven-safe), braising, frying, and steaming. Choose from 10-inch and 12-inch pans (or get both to help cut your cooking time in half—you can add your protein to one while cooking a side dish in the other) and be sure to extend their life by avoiding these 10 ways you’re shortening the life of your nonstick cookware.

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Alien Tapevia

Alien Tape

Don’t let the name scare you, Alien Tape is out-of-this-world useful! This double-sided acrylic tape will adhere to anything: metal, plastic, aluminum, glass, and probably even a spaceship. It’s temperature and weatherproof, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor usage. The best part? It’s also reusable, which means you’ll save a ton of money by rinsing it off and applying it to the new surface of your choice.

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The Back Thingvia

The Back Thing

Remove the phrase “Oh, my aching back,” from your vocabulary with The Back Thing, a simple solution for lower back pain. Designed by a neurosurgeon, The Original Back Thing provides extra support on any seat at home or the office. Of course, those aren’t the only places you sit, so consider The Back Thing Recreational for golf carts, boats, stadium seats, RVs, and patio chairs—it’s wider thanks to two extra slats in the design (which also makes it ideal for wheelchairs). The Back Thing Traveler is more lightweight and compact, perfect for airline or train seats. No matter where you go, The Back Thing has got your back.

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Contour Legacy Pillowvia

Contour Legacy Pillow

Attention side sleepers: Eliminate those painful pressure points by gently hugging a Contour Legacy Pillow between your knees while you slumber. The patented design helps cushion your hips, thighs, knees, and legs, putting your entire body in proper alignment. And don’t worry about waking up overheated, because the memory foam is ventilated to help circulate air instead of trapping it.

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Wipe New Headlight Restorevia

Wipe New Headlight Restore

There’s a simple reason auto manufacturers started making vehicles with daytime running lights—they reduce your risk of a crash. It’s imperative to keep your headlights in tip-top condition so they illuminate brightly, but over time, they often become cloudy because of weather and road contaminants. The Wipe New kit comes with everything you need to achieve like-new headlights again (except a spray bottle): Simply clean the headlight with water and a rag. Then complete a couple of rounds of sanding, to help remove contaminants from the lens. Finally, apply Wipe New, which becomes part of the lens and offers a lifetime coating. Don’t miss these other weird tricks to clean your car.

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MicroTouch Max Men's Hair Trimmervia

MicroTouch Max Men’s Hair Trimmer

Men, are you struggling with unwanted tufts of hair sprouting from your ears, nose, and neck? Take control with this five-in-one personal hair trimmer that trims unruly fuzz with micro-precision. And don’t worry about nicks, cuts, or razor burn, as the German stainless steel will protect you. It has a light to help illuminate the area you’re working on, and a 45-degree angle to reach any hidden spot that needs a little extra attention.

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Pillow Pad Tablet Standvia

Pillow Pad Tablet Stand

Love reading in bed but hate holding your tablet up? Stop straining your neck and hands, and switch to the soft, sturdy, and lightweight Pillow Pad—it’ll hold your device at any of three comfortable viewing angles. It also comes in handy for hands-free recipe following in the kitchen (the cover is machine washable, should your famous marinara sauce splash onto it), not to mention car and airplane rides.

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Turbo Jet Power Washervia

Turbo Jet Power Washer

One of the fastest ways to clean anything—from dirty patios and windows to car tires and sidewalks—is with a power washer. But there’s no need to buy an expensive power washer when you can easily transform any hose into one with the Turbo Jet. The built-in pressure chamber converts your hose’s flow into a powerful jet stream that’ll power clean wood, aluminum and vinyl siding, concrete, brick, stone, and more. Now that you’re in spring-cleaning mode, consider adding a few of these best-reviewed cleaning products on Amazon to your broom closet.

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Crank Chopvia

Crank Chop

Food processors can be bulky to store and complicated to use, but chopping produce by hand is time-consuming—so what’s a home chef to do? Switch to the Crank Chop, which chops, dices, and purees with the pull of a cord! Just place the ingredients in the bowl, put the lid on, and pull the cord a couple of times. The more you crank it, the finer the consistency. One reviewer says, “I have never enjoyed pulverizing veggies so much in my life,” and another raves about how she can chop onions without any tears. With this as-seen-on-TV product, you can easily make your own hummus, guacamole, salsa, baby food, chopped salads, fruit salads, and nut butters, and then simply pop it in the dishwasher for easy cleanup.

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Swivel sweepervia

Swivel Sweeper

If dirt and debris are the banes of your existence, then this as-seen-on-TV product, the Swivel Sweeper Max, will keep you happy while doing house chores. First, you’ll rejoice over the built-in touchless dirt tray that keeps messes contained and eliminates the need for extra dustpans. Next, this cordless swivel sweeper only weighs two pounds, which means you can clean things all day long without breaking a sweat. And since it provides 33 percent more power, you won’t have to keep passing over the same area repeatedly. Finally, its 360-degree swiveling abilities and low-profile design mean you can clean in, under, and around tight spaces to your heart’s content. One reviewer even calls it “the best thing since sliced bread”—and we all know how great that invention was!

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Heel Tasticvia


Let’s be real: Nobody wants to see your crusty heels hanging out of flip-flops and your spouse certainly doesn’t want them climbing into bed at night. Do us all a favor and grab a two-pack of HeelTastic, the miracle balm that repairs rough, dry skin quickly and easily. Created by a renowned chemist—who was desperate for relief from her own cracked, dry feet—her not-so-secret formulation includes imported Indian Neem and Karanja oils, which will leave your feet baby-smooth after only a few applications. One reviewer proudly proclaims, “No more gator feet thanks to this product,” and, really, who could ask for more? Check out these 20 brilliant buys on Amazon with practically perfect reviews.

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Slip Stone Cookwarevia

Slip Stone

Do you always say you’d cook more if cleaning up the kitchen wasn’t so much work? Then it’s time to get the nonstick pan that can even ward off melted cheese and sticky chocolate—the Slip Stone™ 10-inch fry pan. Everything you cook will simply slip right off the four-layer stone-like surface and its handle conveniently folds down to make storage easier. Now that you won’t have to use a ton of extra oils and butter to ensure your food doesn’t stick, your cooking will be lighter and healthier than ever.

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Pink Armor Nail Gelvia

Pink Armor Nail Gel

Do you suffer from dry, brittle nails? Weak, soft flexible nails? Splitting, peeling nails that break? Then you need to give them a coat of armor, with Pink Armor Nail Gel. This thick, protective gel coat (which also works well as a base coat or top coat) gives you stronger, longer, beautiful natural nails. The formula includes keratin to help repair and strengthen your nails and the slight pink hue makes your nail beds look ultra-healthy. Several reviewers say this as-seen-on-TV product gives the appearance of a salon-quality manicure—but at a fraction of the cost.

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Defrosting Blockvia

D-Frost Wonder

If steak for dinner sounds good, but it’s already 5 p.m. and that ribeye is still sitting in your freezer, you’re in luck—the Emson Wonder Defrost means you won’t have to settle for cereal again. You can now defrost frozen fish, meat, and poultry up to ten times faster than at room temperature thanks to its thermal conductive material. Simply put the tray on your kitchen counter and place the frozen food on top—depending on the thickness of the meat, it will take 30 to 60 minutes to defrost. While you’re waiting for the tray to work its magic, be sure to check out these 50 Amazon products you’ll definitely use every day.

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Huggle hoodievia

Huggle Hoodie

Sometimes a standard sweatshirt just won’t do the trick to keep you warm, and that’s when it’s time to call in the big guns. The Huggle Hoodie is an enormous fleece-lined hoodie that acts more like a blanket to keep you warm and cozy on the couch, while camping, or even while running out for a carton of milk—hey, we won’t judge. Plus, it’s reversible, has pockets, and is machine washable.

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Furniture Feetvia

Furniture Feet

In the mood for a little rearranging of your furniture? Don’t start that project without Furniture Feet, an as-seen-on-TV classic that will protect your floors from scuffs and scratches. All you do is slide them on any table, chair, or sofa leg and you can glide your furniture all around the house without doing any damage. No tools are needed because the durable poly-vinyl stretches like elastic to slip over all shapes and sizes of furniture legs. Even when you aren’t moving furniture they’re still helpful for stopping the noise of moving chairs, and since they are clear, they will blend with any décor. Don’t miss these 30 Amazon products with a lifetime warranty.

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Copper Chef Perfect Egg Makervia

Copper Chef Perfect Egg Maker

Rejoice! Your search for the perfect hard-boiled egg is finally over. With the Copper Chef Electric Egg Cooker, you can make hard-, medium-, or soft-boiled eggs, poached eggs, and omelets in minutes with the touch of one button. Finally, you can wow your family with restaurant-worthy eggs Benedict on Sunday or make a batch of hard-boiled eggs for on-the-go snacks. If you’re on the keto diet bandwagon, this as-seen-on-TV gadget will make meal prep a breeze.

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Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpenervia

Bavarian Edge Knife Sharpener

Working with dull kitchen knives can be downright dangerous, as it requires you to use more force and it’s easy to slip and cut yourself. So give your set a quick sharpening with the Bavarian edge kitchen knife sharpener, which contours to your blade’s edge thanks to two independent spring-action arms made from ultra-hard tungsten carbide. This gadget will help you sharpen, hone and polish pretty much any knife in your kitchen (note: don’t try this with ceramic knives), including serrated knives, Japanese knives, and Chef’s knives. One reviewer boasts, “I used to create a mediocre edge with a sandstone, but with this bad boy, I get a super-fine edge every time.”

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Atomic Beam Lanternvia

Atomic Beam Lantern

Whether your power frequently goes out in storms, you’re an avid camper, or own a boat, it’s wise to keep a flashlight around. But if you want to take things up a notch, then the Atomic Beam Lantern is for you. It offers 360-degree bright LED light, has a windproof and weather-resistant casing, and a magnetic bottom to attach to any metal surface if you need hands-free illumination. Several reviewers report relying on this lantern during power outages caused by hurricane Irma and others suggest it for everything from hunting and night fishing to automotive work and under-the-sink plumbing projects. Check out these 13 other emergency items to always have in your house.

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Pill Pro Organizervia

Pill Pro

When taking prescription medications or vitamin supplements, it can be hard to keep track of which pills to take at which time. Don’t risk falling behind on your meds or accidentally doubling up on them—instead, get the Pill Pro. This seven-day pill organizer offers four compartments for each day of the week: morning, noon, evening, and bed. The trays are portable, so you can fill them up at the beginning of each week and then toss that particular day’s tray into your purse or briefcase. These are the 36 things you should always buy on Amazon.

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Red Copper Square Panvia

Red Copper Square Pan

If your kitchen cabinets are filled with a dozen pots and pans and random lids, then you know how annoying it can be to grab the right cooking vessel from the teetering stack. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-pan solution to cooking eight different ways and you could eliminate all the extra clutter? Enter: Red Copper Square Pan, your new kitchen BFF. This 10-inch pan with a vented tempered glass lid, steamer, and roaster rack has a strong copper-infused ceramic double coating for a nonstick and scratch-resistant surface. It’s also oven safe up to 500 degrees, so you can transition a steak from stovetop to oven—aside from baking, you can also broil, sauté, fry, steam, braise, deep fry, and roast in this pan. Now that you’ve freed up some space in your cabinets, here are 25 kitchen gadgets you’ll wish you had years ago.

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Climb Cartvia

Climb Cart

The Climb Cart is a must-have helper for anyone who lives in a third-floor walk-up or has a laundry room in their basement. This cart has a six-wheel design with rotating wheels that climb your stairs with you, which means it’ll help you bring in groceries, bring laundry up and down the stairs, and even move boxes up a curb with ease. The jumbo storage bag means fewer trips, plus it’s lightweight and folds up for easy storage. Find out 15 other hidden gems on Amazon you’ll wish you owned this whole time.

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Lazer Bondvia

Lazer Bond

Sure, tape and glue have their uses, but Lazer Bond is the ultimate way to make things stick. You can apply it to virtually anything that needs to be fixed, and then use the UV light to activate the solution—it will harden in exactly three seconds. The result is an airtight and watertight seal that can support up to 250 pounds, which is surely enough to fix your broken glasses or leaky pipes. One reviewer dubbed this as-seen-on-TV product as “the best thing since duct tape was invented.” Next, find out the weirdest things you didn’t know you could find on Amazon.

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