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20 Funniest Back-to-Work Memes That Are All Too Relatable

With office life coming back in full swing, take time to distract yourself with the 20 funniest back-to-work memes! Laughing is on the agenda today!

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Scrolling Through Rd Memes On Company Time
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Hardly working

Work is a place where…well, to put it simply…work gets done! Some days it’s easier to get up in the morning, while other days you just want to bury yourself under the covers and hope a miracle occurs. No matter what your job is, those hours that you’re putting in can be a lot, so it’s nice to take time to yourself and just relax—even if it’s on your lunch break. Pull up a chair and enjoy some of the best memes and back-to-work memes to laugh the stress and worry away for a quick moment!

With restrictions lifting worldwide, life as we once knew it is coming back. Many employers are calling in their employees to work in the office, providing a sense of normalcy after many people got used to working from home. If you’re one of these people heading back into your signature workspace, you’ll definitely relate to these back-to-work memes. No need to fear though if you’re still at home—enjoy working from home memes too, or reminisce about the good old-fashioned office life with these 20 memes down below! Plus, enjoy our funniest Hump Day memes.

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Me When I Think About Going To Work In The Morning
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Feelings about Monday

The Monday scaries are a real thing.

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Getting Ready For Work Like...
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Caffeine craze

Move over small cups—we need the biggest Starbucks cups sizes on the menu to even think about doing work!

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When You Realize It's Not Friday
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Anticipation station

You know that overjoyed feeling you get thinking about the weekend and the weekend getaway you planned—until you realize it’s Tuesday? Yup, we’re all too familiar with this.

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When Someone Tries Talking To You Early In The Morning
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Office hide-and-seek

Sometimes the social hour hasn’t hit. This guy knows all about it to the extent that he’s hiding in his office. Maybe a cup of coffee (or two) will do the trick in the early hours of a shift.

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Trying To Figure Out How To Respond To Someone
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It’s all in the wording

Trying to find out exactly how to answer someone can seem challenging. We’ve got two solutions for you. Maybe just ignore it for now? Or just remember what not to say in the office and you should be fine!

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The New Dress Code Once Wfh Is Over
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WFH life

Alas, the comfort of wearing PJs all day is soon ending as office life is now returning to normal. Looks like we’ll start changing the definition of business casual and dress codes. 

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Waiting For The Shift To End
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Never-ending day

Nothing moves slower than the clock you’ve been staring at your entire shift.

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No Such Thing As A Day Off
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Work life 24/7

Guilty as charged when it comes to checking work messages and emails on days off. Be cautious, though, as this is a sign of being a workaholic. Working hard and hardly ever NOT working! 

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Trying To Figure Out If You Have A Few More Minutes Of Sleep
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Can’t get up

After hitting nine-minute snooze a couple of times, mental math creeps back in to see if we can spare just a few more minutes of sleep before heading to work.

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When Lunch Hits A Little Too Hard
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Lunch break realness

Whether it’s 30 minutes or an hour, it’s time to scarf down food and make the most of your break. We’re not afraid to get a little messy here—just like the subjects of these hilarious photos of dogs “working from home.

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When You're Bestie Is At Work So Now Everything Is A Two Person Assignment
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Office life with your best friend

No greater feeling than realizing your best friend is working with you. Make your partner-in-crime laugh even more by sending them these funny friend memes. We can already hear the laughs from here!

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When Having Cameras On Is An Option
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Zoom ready

Roll out of bed, open your laptop, and join the meeting—no preparation needed.

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When You Disassociate From Office Mode And Visualize Vacation Mode
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Ready, set, go

Daydreams while at work? Go for it, but do you know what your daydream reveals about you?

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How Much Energy I Have Throughout The Day
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Running on E

Simply existing with nothing to keep us going.

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Main Character Energy! But At Work.
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A show we’ll be watching

Psh, looks like we’re the main character of our companies—forget about the shows already created about work life. Who should we cast next?

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Can't Feel Sleepy, If You're Already Sleeping
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Snoozing hours

We’re just thinking smarter, not harder. Maybe it’s time to stock up on these best dresses for returning to the office.

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When The Work Day On Friday Ends
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Weekend feeling

3, 2, 1…go! Talk to you all once the weekend is over, we’re going to be busy finding a new hobby

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Realizing The Long Weekend Is Coming To An End
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Saying goodbye is the hardest

A little added day here and there can really make a difference—this only makes coming back to work harder. If you’re going to miss your pup when you head back to the office, you’ll definitely want to check out these dog memes.

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When You're Ready For Office Life To Return
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Ultimate combo: work and kids

They’re often the greatest joys with the biggest rewards that cause such an overwhelming feeling of pride.

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Checking Emails And Realizing Someone Hit Reply All
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Email 101

It’s a common email mistake many do, yet it never ceases to put that look on our faces. Brush up on email etiquette before pressing “send”. Next, check out these work cartoons to help get you through the week.