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8 Hilariously Bad Cake Decorating Decisions

Clearly, no one follows orders better than these awful bakers.

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Lost in translation

At least it’s German chocolate, though. And did you know that birthday cakes are Greek in origin?

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Wait, Tristan’s in blue?

Then no birthday for Tristan this year.

We bet you didn’t know the significance of these 8 different food colors.

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What more do you want?

I can’t even right now.

These people might be decorating cakes wrong, but don’t be so smug–you’ve probably been cutting cakes wrong your entire life.

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Poor reading comprehension?

Or a brutally honest message to Blank’s wife?

Hey, everyone makes mistakes. Here are some of our favorite mistakes made by little kids.

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And not “good riddance”

Even though that’s what we’re all thinking.

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How about C!C!

Or C?C? Or C:C: or…

Speaking of embarrassing punctuation mistakes, make sure you’re not making these!

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Deep, man.

Ceci n’est pas un cake. To be fair, it probably would’ve looked pretty empty with no writing.

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Need we repeat ourselves?

Only birthday boys who adhere to the dress code may age. You have to give this cake-decorator some credit, though–that’s a pretty good-looking frosting duck!

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