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10 Proper Names for Beard Styles You Need to Know

You know there is a near endless see of beard styles out there, but did you also know that all beard types have names? We talked to experts to get the scoop on the most popular and timeless beard styles.

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The Van Dyke

“The Van Dyke is truly the standard goatee and mustache combination that is often warn by the mature male,” explains Anthony Matteo, master barber at V’s Barbershop Fort Lauderdale, Florida. “It is an effortless look that is traditional and timeless.” This beard has recently been made famous by actor Christian Bale, although it was named for 17th century Flemish painter, Anthony Van Dyck. Now find out 15 fascinating facts about mustaches.

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The Bandholz

“The Bandholz is currently the most requested beard trend,” says Matteo. This masculine, testosterone-fueled look is one of those beards that automatically asserts manliness. “This style is by a distinguished fuller beard and must be well-kept in order to keep its shape.” This is currently one of the most popular full beard styles for hipsters, musicians, and tough guys with fashion sense. It includes a sort of fascinating mustache shape, too. Check out these other surprising myths and facts about your hair.

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The Hollywoodian beard

One of the most popular beard styles right now is sometimes called a wing beard, but it’s catching on by its other name: the Hollywoodian. “This particular style can be worn by all ages and requires minimal maintenance by shaving your cheek area into a straight line out to the ear lobe.” Matteo suggests keeping super clean lines to pull this look off. It’s currently popular with athletes, musicians, and younger beard-wearers.

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Stubble beard

The Stubble Beard is one of the beard styles that put celebrities like George Clooney on the map, and while it’s certainly not one of the adventurous full beard styles coming into fashion, it’s a timeless classic. Matteo suggests it for his clients for its easy maintenance. “It’s an easy look to achieve as it can be grown in the shortest amount of time. It often creates an edgier look as opposed to clean-shaven face.” Don’t miss the clues your beard reveals about your health.

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The Chinstrap

“When you’ve got skills, try this thin strip of hair carved out with a razor or trimmer,” shares Michael Martin, hair product expert at Reuzel, a line of men’s hair products, and the owner of Hawkins Barbershop, in Nashville. ” It’s just like the strap on your football helmet—except made of hair. ” This hard-to-master beard style evokes images of Gerard Butler and Ben Affleck.

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The Respectable Gent

“This short, boxed beard is neat and well-trimmed with a square bottom—perfect for the wearer who needs a look that’s under control,” shares Martin. He warns this one requires a lot of upkeep though, and it’s most commonly seen on a younger man with time on his hands.

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The Viking

“You don’t need to be a corporate raider to let your facial hair into a power ‘V’ off the chin,” says Martin. “In addition to high style, the tapered shape enhances facial structure, slimming and elongating your face—think of it as a mini face lift with no cutting.” This shape is great for men trying to cover the signs of aging, and it’s growing in mainstream popularity for this reason. Plus, nothing says masculinity quite like a giant beard on your face. If you’re thinking about giving this one a try, check out our guide to the best beard styles for your face shape.

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The Honest Abe

This is one of the most classic full beard styles thanks to, you guessed it, Number 16, Abraham Lincoln. It’s bushy, full, semi-groomed and just the right balance between rustic, earthy manliness and proper city boy. The most notable highlight here is the total absence of a mustache.

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The Butcher’s Delight

“It’s a short beard around the bottom of the chin and jawline with disconnected sideburns,” explains Martin. “It is topped off with a highly styled waxed mustached, curled at the ends.”

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The Soul Patch

Legally, only Billy Bob Thornton is permitted to wear a Soul Patch,” jokes John Cascarano, founder of Tame the Beast, a line of beard grooming products. Seriously though, it’s a tiny patch of hair in the center of one’s chin, surrounded the blank space of an otherwise clean-shaven face. We’re not sure how it got its name, but we’re pretty sure it has nothing to do with souls.

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